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Team Topia for Non-Swim Teams: referrals and more!

SwimTopia has long been a player in the summer swim world. Combined with Meet Maestro, our swim meet management software, SwimTopia’s comprehensive package of team management features covers your bases. From registration to communications to volunteer organization, there isn’t much SwimTopia can’t do for summer swim teams. Recently, SwimTopia has started to make its way into high school and year-round markets as well. SwimTopia is constantly evolving to meet customers’ needs and with the hopes of making the most user-friendly product possible.

Something you may not yet have heard about is our non-swim solution: Team Topia! Released early 2023, Team Topia has many of the same time-saving features you know and love about SwimTopia, but stripped of swim-specific lingo. This means it works for any sports team. We’ve seen firsthand (given many of our employees are/were affiliated with swim teams) the way SwimTopia has revolutionized the way summer swim team management is done. And we thought: why couldn’t we do this for other sports, too? You can learn more about Team Topia here or start a free two week trial here. While Team Topia is in beta, the price is only $120/year.

Further, we wanted to remind current and prospective customers of our SwimTopia referral deal and introduce our NEW Team Topia referral program. 

When you refer another swim team to SwimTopia (be it year-round, high school, summer swim, etc), you receive $75 off your next renewal invoice. Now, when you refer a NON-SWIM team to Team Topia, you will also receive $30 off your next renewal invoice. A Team Topia team referring a swim team to SwimTopia STILL receives $75 off next invoice and, to make matters even more exciting, a Team Topia team referring another non-swim team to Team Topia ALSO gets $30 off next invoice.

Let’s break it down.

SwimTopia to SwimTopia? $75 off!

SwimTopia to Team Topia? $30 off!

Team Topia to SwimTopia? $75 off!

Team Topia to Team Topia? $30 off!

Remember, with no limit to the amount of teams you can refer, there is an opportunity to save BIG with these referral deals.

Check out Team Topia for your non-swim organizations or pass along details if you know teams that could benefit from streamlined team management features and an unparalleled Customer Happiness support system.