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Virtual Meets with Realtime Results

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Meet Maestro is the only meet software that allows teams to run live head-to-head virtual swim meets, all from the comfort and safety of their own home pools.

Virtual Swim Meets Swimmers

Meet Maestro is included and FREE with every SwimTopia account, or you can start a 2-week free trial of Meet Maestro!

Virtual Meet Vertical Pool
Virtual Meet Horizontal Pool
Virtual Meet Vertical Pool
Virtual Meet Horizontal Pool

Safe meets, with each team at their own home pool

Traditional swim meets are usually jam-packed with swimmers, volunteers, and parents from multiple teams.
With virtual swim meets, teams can compete at their own pools and reduce the number of people on deck.

Meet Maestro Makes Running Virtual Meets a Snap

Exciting and Live

Live and Exciting

Meet Maestro is the only meet software that allows you to run live head-to-head competitions, with results posted as soon as results for each swim event are entered.


Flexible Scheduling

If all teams aren’t available to hold meets at the same time, teams can run their side of the meet at their convenience, with results merged as soon as all teams have entered results for each event.

Swimming Pool

Multiple Pool Configs

Meet Maestro can accommodate any pool configuration—even if each pool is a different length or has a different number of lanes. 

Easy to Use SwimTopia Swim Software

Easy to Learn and Use

Meet Maestro is so easy to learn that any volunteer can help run your meets, no training required.

Spacer Lanes

Spacer Lanes

Create extra room on deck by adding spacer lanes for individual events, relays, or both

CTS Dolphin Wireless Timing

CTS Dolphin Timing

Meet Maestro features full integration with wireless timing from Colorado Time Systems, which requires fewer timers, less paper

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Realtime Updates with SwimTopia's Mobile App

SwimTopia’s companion mobile app helps keep parents in the loop, especially if they’ll be outside of the immediate pool area.


Live Event/Heat Bar

Parents will always know the current event and heat

Live Event Heat Bar on SwimTopia Mobile
Updating Estimated Start Times SwimTopia Mobil

Up-to-Date Estimated Start Times

Follow along with a timeline and heat start times that are updated in real time*


Upcoming Swim Alerts

Receive a message shortly before favorite swimmers’ events*

SwimTopia Mobile Swim Reminder
SwimTopia Mobile App Live Results

Live Race Results

Receive alerts and view results as soon as each swim event is complete (no matter where the other team is swimming!)*


*Features offered with a Pro subscription which starts with a 7-day free trial, then $2.49/mo or $9.99/yr.

SwimTopia Mobile App Pro

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Get Meet Maestro Now to Start Running Virtual Meets

Meet Maestro

All you need to run exciting, fun virtual swim meets is Meet Maestro, and it’s never been easier to get started.

  1. If you have a SwimTopia account for team management, Meet Maestro comes with all SwimTopia accounts and is accessible directly through your existing interface.
  2. Not using SwimTopia (yet)? That’s OK!  You can try SwimTopia or Meet Maestro for free for 2 weeks.

Trusted by Swim Teams and Leagues

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We have been using Meet Maestro to run our summer swim meets and have found the system to be truly intuitive. Summer league is run by volunteers who simply don’t have the time to invest in classes to learn a new system. With Meet Maestro they don’t have to. Our volunteers just sit down and get right to work with minimal direction from me.
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