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Efficient and Powerful Swim Team Management for High Schools

High School Swim Team Management Software

Efficient, Powerful, Seemingly Effortless

Training your swimmers to be all that is easy compared to the “behind the scenes” work of communicating with parents and swimmers, creating meet line ups, generating relays and selling spirit-wear.

But now managing your High School team can be like that too.

SwimTopia‘s high school swim team management software is a powerful online solution that integrates everything you need to run your team. From providing a website for your team, to efficiently managing your team’s data for both swimmers and parents, to selling spirit wear at your own price and on your own terms, SwimTopia has you covered. By allowing you to create athlete groups for Varsity and Junior Varsity, swimming, diving and/or water polo our high school swim team management software makes team communication and meet entries seem effortless!

In our recent High School Customer Happiness Survey respondents gave us an average of 9.4 on a scale of 0-10 on the question “How likely is it that you would  recommend SwimTopia to a friend or colleague?” with 10 being “Very Likely”. Choose SwimTopia to manage your High School swim team and be one of our happy high school customers too! Try us out for 14 days for free (use the set up code Medley) OR learn more at one of our regular webinars.

One year of SwimTopia is only $250 for your school! There are no hidden fees or set up costs. “School” pricing includes all men’s and women’s swim, dive and water polo teams at your school.

“SwimTopia has streamlined all aspects of swim team management and communications for coaches, swimmers and parents. SwimTopia allows me to spend more time on deck and less time on the computer! SwimTopia support staff is amazing!” 
Doug Hammen, Head Coach, Samuel Clemens High School