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Merge Duplicate Athletes Easily

Retaining your swimmers’ information safely

It’s very important that SwimTopia keeps your athletes’ time history and other information accurate and also retain it for easy access. When managing this data we are very careful to only connect new swimmer info to existing swimmers when all the information matches precisely. We have seen plenty of teams where kids from different families have the same first and last names. Combining those kids information would be bad! So we’ve created a new tool to help you merge duplicate athletes easily.

Mistakes Happen, So We’ve Made it Easy to Merge Duplicate Athletes

Most teams will find that a few registrations in every new season have a typo or something in a swimmer’s information that prevents SwimTopia from safely “merging” the versions of the swimmer together. What SwimTopia considers when comparing versions of an athlete are the first name, last name and birthdate. If any of those are different, we defer the decision to you.

We’ve recently added a tool to allow you to see which athletes we suspect are “duplicates” but we’re not sure because there are details that are different. In this example you can see this athlete was formerly known by her nickname but when her parents registered they used her given name plus the preferred first name. Any information that is different between the versions are highlighted in yellow. You can choose which set of information to use by clicking the button next to it. In this example, to use the names the parents registered her with while also retaining all of her time history from previous seasons you would simply click “Merge” and there will only be one Abigail “Abby” Attaway born on 7/22/2000 in your team’s roster and everything will work as you expect.

SwimTopia is excited to provide this new capability to you because now you can be even more certain you have the right information for the right kid.

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