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New Look SwimTopia Website!

More Information, More Answers, on Our New SwimTopia Website

We’ve been hard at work creating a whole new look for, trying to really capture thMeet set upe essence of our product and company. Our new SwimTopia website more clearly explains what we do, who we help and how we simplify swim team management. With an eye to making sure the questions folks have in mind when they shop for swim team management software are answered, we created an in depth “Tour” section that explains our features and how they work together to meet your swim team management needs. Browsing through our pages, prospective customers can click on screen shots and be taken to a full screen view of the feature discussed, giving them a behind the scenes look at SwimTopia.

For Customers and Prospective Customers Alike

Our new website is also more useful for existing customers. You can now login to your team site directly from the “login” button New SwimTopia Website Exampleson the home page, or see our Example Websites page to get ideas for the look and layout of your own team’s SwimTopia site. We’ve separated our contact page into segments so it’s easier for customers to find the support their looking for, and for prospective customers to immediately reach the sales department.

Who We Are

One thing we’ve never had on our site before is information on how SwimTopia began. You can now learn more about who we are and where we came from on our About Us page. Read about our Founder, Mason’s Hale, and his connection, and dedication, to the swim community. The vision of SwimTopia is to make running a swim team LESS WORK and MORE FUN and we hope our new SwimTopia website conveys that vision.

We hope you enjoy our new look SwimTopia website and find what you’re looking for. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, contact