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Notification Alerts Keep Your Team Up-To-Date

Use SwimTopia’s Free Push Notification Alerts For Fast and Convenient Communication

SwimTopia’s fast and free push notification alerts keep your team up-to-date on important communications. 

Why use SwimTopia’s alerts instead of a texting app?

  1. Flexibility: With SwimTopia’s push notifications, you can send targeted alerts to any group that you have always been able to email from SwimTopia. So you can send alerts to any Roles, Athlete Roster Groups, lists generated from Reports (like “Missing Entries” or “Meet Participants”), or built-in groups like Members, Age Groups, etc.
  2. Simplicity: Team members don’t have to be reminded to sign up for an external tool or set up a separate username and password.
  3. Unlimited recipients: There are no limits to the size of your groups.
  4. Free: Did we mention that it’s free? No text messaging fees to send or receive.

How to use Notification Alerts in SwimTopia

  1. Tell your team: team members should download the free SwimTopia Mobile App (available in the App Store and Google Play), and allow notifications. Team members who don’t have the app, or don’t allow notifications, will receive your message as an email. The email will prompt them to sign up for alerts in future. Team members log into the app with their existing SwimTopia login and password.
    • To help make sure your team knows about SwimTopia Mobile we suggest you add a Text Snippet on your Home page template. To easily create the snippet, simply go to our template website and copy the snippet on the top right of the page into a text snippet on your page. All links should transfer with a simple copy and paste.
    • See a sample letter you can email to your parents.
  2. Send notification alerts: when logged in to your SwimTopia “Manage Team” portal, go to the “Communications” tab, choose “Compose” then “Alert” (top right). Compose your message and hit send. You can also begin composing an alert from any report that has always allowed you to send an email to a dynamic list. 

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