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Summer League Swimming – A New Resource For Summer Swim Teams

At SwimTopia we are always looking for ways to help swim team administrators simplify running their swim teams. We’d like to share information about a newly launched resource specifically for summer swim teams: Summer League Swimming.

Here is a brief message from Leah Hinnefeld, Director of Education and Marketing for Summer League Swimming, explaining how they can help your team: 

Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the national organization dedicated to providing quality resources to summer swim teams and leagues throughout the United States. Our mission is to provide a safer environment for children between the ages of 4-18 while introducing them to the sport of competitive swimming. We do this by providing best practices, a coach certification course, quality background checks, and affordable insurance. 

Swimming should be fun – and that’s the heart of Summer League Swimming. Our focus is on providing the best environment for swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents so they get Summer League Swimming - Coach and Kidsthe best possible experience from the sport of swimming. Our standard order of events keeps swim meets running smoothly and efficiently.

SLS has the goal of using the sport of swimming to teach life lessons to children, to develop leadership skills in coaches, and to create a community for families. One of the most important resources we provide is a coach certification course designed and developed by swim coaches for swim coaches, following the principles taught through the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Coaches, volunteers and officials make the sport of swimming go. We make it easier to find and vet them with access to quality, affordable background checks provided by Sterling Volunteers. Sterling Volunteers is the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of youth sports organizations, and is designed to make background screening of SLS members faster, easier and less costly.

Swimming should be safe, swimming should be fun, and swimming should be memorable. We keep swimmers of all ages covered with our insurance for accidents, abuse, and general liability. Our insurance program is available to SLS team and league members and offers coverage for competitive as well as “guppy” swimmers. 

It’s Summer League! Just Add Water!

For more information contact:

Leah Hinnefeld
Director of Education and Marketing
Summer League Swimming