Nationwide, Summer Swim Leagues Are Choosing SwimTopia

Summer swim leagues choose SwimTopia

Summer swim leagues around the country are moving to SwimTopia for their league, team and meet management software needs to reduce the workload for swim team volunteers

There is a growing trend with summer swim leagues: they are looking to streamline and simplify, and they’re standardizing their teams’ software platform to SwimTopia. SwimTopia provides unrivaled league management features specifically designed to reduce the workload for league and team volunteers. When all teams in the league use SwimTopia for team management and Meet Maestro to manage their meets, the teams’ websites are linked to the league’s website. The resulting data-sharing capabilities between the sites eliminates hours of tedious volunteer work.

Tarheel Swimming Association and Many Other Leagues Vote to Adopt SwimTopia

During the 2021 swim season, more than three dozen leagues were using SwimTopia league-wide. This fall, ten new leagues have already decided to move all of their teams to SwimTopia and Meet Maestro for the 2022 season, and more leagues are currently in the consideration phase. 

Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA) of Raleigh, NC, is the latest and the largest league to make the move to SwimTopia so far this year. “This decision is exciting because in the past few years our teams have been using several different software systems, which substantially increased volunteer stress and workload. The Tarheel Swimming Association is excited to have all 89 member teams move to SwimTopia for our team management and league management platform,” said Tracey Mizell, TSA President.

Summer swim leagues use Meet Maestro at meetsWhat New SwimTopia League Admins Say About the Move to SwimTopia

I have been impressed with SwimTopia’s dedication to customer success. The biggest difference between SwimTopia and other options on the market is that this software was developed by people who have walked in parent volunteers’ shoes and have developed something to lighten our workload so we can focus on what is important: providing fun summer swim team opportunities for both our swimmers and the parents cheering them on!
Tracey Mizell, President, Tarheel Swimming Association

This year GASL decided to go with SwimTopia league-wide. Our league will enjoy improved communication capabilities; we’ll save time with league-level meet creation and results reporting; teams will increase revenue through SwimTopia’s built-in online stores and sponsorship functions; and Meet Maestro’s intuitive meet management interface will allow us to get results out faster. We are excited to have access to the full range of SwimTopia swim team and meet management resources.
Sandy Avery, Webmaster, Greater Annapolis Swim League

With Meet Maestro, we found a way to speed up the scoring process: what used to take multiple volunteers hours, now takes minutes. SwimTopia’s platform gave teams in the League a one stop shop for everything they could ever need (registration, meet declaration, a website, volunteer tracking, etc.). The Morris County Summer Swim League is excited to fully adopt SwimTopia for 2022 and future summer seasons!
Gregory Spicka, Commissioner, Morris County Summer Swim League

The Horsetooth League Board decided to purchase SwimTopia league-wide as a gift for our coaches and teams. …SwimTopia is incredibly user friendly, and time is a precious commodity. SwimTopia saves our coaches time—time that they can use to focus on building better teams and swimmers.
Ann Bosch, Board Member, Horsetooth Summer Swim League

With how easy SwimTopia is to use, the low cost, the helpful mobile app, and don’t forget the customer service—the move to SwimTopia league-wide was a no-brainer after finding and using Meet Maestro for one season.
Jeff Cox, Ark Valley Swim League

SwimTopia’s Unique League Features Save Time

Summer swim leagues around the USA range in size from small leagues of 4 teams, with around 300 athletes, to the nation’s largest summer swim league, with 132 teams and close to 16,000 athletes. But no matter how large or small, league and team administrators work incredibly hard to run smooth swim seasons for the families in their local areas. It takes a lot of work to coordinate and support multiple swim teams, and SwimTopia creates efficiencies for leagues on every level: from the kids on pool deck, to their parents (a.k.a. the team’s volunteers and administrators), to the coaches, and up to the league President.

With SwimTopia, leagues are able to improve their workflow and provide standardized procedures for information sharing between teams and the league. SwimTopia’s unique league management features allow leagues to:

When leagues choose SwimTopia as their league-wide technology platform, each team in the league receives an integrated suite of tools to manage online registration, website content management, merchandise sales, volunteer coordination, team communications, sponsorships, swim meet entries and results, swim meet management with Meet Maestro, and more. When all teams in the league use SwimTopia for team management, they are eligible for discounted league-wide pricing. League pricing is one low per athlete price, which provides every team with a SwimTopia account, which includes Meet Maestro.