Colorado Time Systems Integration

Meet Maestro™ Has Superior Integration with Colorado Time Systems Dolphin Wireless Timing

Running a meet with Dolphin wireless stopwatches from Colorado Time Systems is a great way for swim teams to run meets faster with fewer volunteers. Times from each Dolphin stopwatch are wirelessly transferred to the meet computer, eliminating the need to hand input times. When paired with Meet Maestro your team’s investment in the CTS Dolphin wireless timing system really pays off. Meet Maestro’s tight integration with the Dolphin system improves your swim meet workflow in ways that have never been possible before.

Windows application improves integration
Enhanced visibility between systems
Flexible time tolerance settings
Automatic Updates of the Live Event/Heat Bar

To receive the benefits of integration, it’s important to update your Dolphin software to v5.05 or higher, and to update all firmware.

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Colorado Time Systems Dolphin Desktop App
Windows Application Improves Integration

For tight integration with the Dolphin system, SwimTopia created a version of Meet Maestro that is installed as a desktop application on Microsoft Windows.The Microsoft Windows version of Meet Maestro enables seamless communication and data sharing with the Dolphin software. Dolphin also updated their software and created a new, configurable, data directory, making network sharing easier when using Dolphin with Meet Maestro. 

Enhanced Visibility Between Systems

When using Colorado Time Systems Dolphin with Meet Maestro, an additional “CTS Dolphin” timing system bar is displayed in the data entry interface. The CTS Dolphin bar shows the current race number (as tracked by the Dolphin system), making it easy to map between heats and race numbers, even when something like a false start gets you off track. Meet Maestro’s interface lets you know when new Dolphin results are ready for loading, and “no show” and DQ information from Dolphin are automatically imported.  Plus, Meet Maestro publishes full event details to the Dolphin system, which enhances the event and heat information displayed in the Dolphin software and on any attached scoreboards.

Maestro CTS Dolphin Time Bar
CTS Time Warnings
Flexible Time Tolerance Settings

Sometimes there are significant discrepancies between the times recorded by different timers for the one lane. Meet Maestro offers flexibility in handling the time discrepancies by permitting you to define the allowable time tolerance. You can also choose whether you want the times that are out of tolerance to be flagged with a warning message or automatically discarded, giving you much greater control over how time discrepancies are handled.

Automatic Updates of the Live Event/Heat Bar

SwimTopia Mobile displays a Live Event/Heat Bar that keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in the pool in real time. When paired with a Dolphin timing system, Meet Maestro broadcasts the current event and heat to SwimTopia Mobile’s Live Event/Heat Bar directly from the Dolphin starter controls. The data-sharing between the starter system and Meet Maestro eliminates the need for a separate volunteer to publish the current event/heat status and ensures optimal accuracy for heat start time estimates.

For team admin instructions on getting the Live Event/Heat Bar to display in your app, visit:

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We have been using Meet Maestro to run our summer swim meets and have found the system to be truly intuitive. Summer league is run by volunteers who simply don’t have the time to invest in classes to learn a new system. With Meet Maestro they don’t have to. Our volunteers just sit down and get right to work with minimal direction from me.
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