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Chattanooga Area Swim League Chooses Meet Maestro™

Following a successful pilot season, prominent Tennessee swim league adopts SwimTopia’s new swim meet management solution

Chattanooga Area Swim League (CASL) has announced the selection of Meet Maestro as its league-wide meet management solution for 2019 and beyond. During the summer of 2018, CASL’s fourteen swim teams piloted Meet Maestro, a new cloud-based swim meet management platform built by SwimTopia, the Austin-based swim software provider. David Boyd, CASL’s Technology Director, reflects on their summer season using the newly developed Meet Maestro product, “With only some minor issues early on, our first season with SwimTopia and Meet Maestro went amazingly well. We are extremely happy.”

As CASL teams got started on the 2018 summer season, Meet Maestro was still evolving. Features were being added in response to the specific needs of leagues around the country that were piloting the software. Boyd remembers, “Our scoring system is a bit different than most summer leagues, and we were very concerned about the transition to a new platform.” After working closely with SwimTopia to ensure CASL’s needs were met, Boyd came away impressed with SwimTopia’s focus on customer happiness and Meet Maestro’s ease-of-use, “It has been refreshing to work with a company that is interested in adapting the software to better fit the needs of users, rather than having the attitude of ‘take it or leave it.’ SwimTopia has been very easy to work with, they listened to our requests for new features, and they’ve been great at implementing changes in a user-friendly way.”

SwimTopia CEO and founder Mason Hale explains, “By using the latest technology and designing Meet Maestro to be easy to use, our goal is to make running swim meets vastly easier for all kinds of swim teams. We want to provide a better alternative to the antiquated, hard-to-use software that swim teams have been saddled with for so many years. We’ve really enjoyed working with CASL and we’re thrilled to continue working with them for the foreseeable future.”

Meet Maestro was publicly released in July 2018, following a successful pilot season. During the summer, over 200 teams from 8 swim leagues, including CASL, used the product to run more than 550 in-season and championship swim meets. Meet Maestro comes with every subscription of SwimTopia’s web-based swim team management software at no additional cost.

About the Chattanooga Area Swim League:

The Chattanooga Area Swim League traces its beginnings to 1960, when 2 teams and 60 swimmers joined together to form the league. CASL has steadily grown to serve 14 teams and close to 1700 athletes in and around Hamilton County, Tennessee. The league provides children 5-19 years old with a fun, yet competitive summer swim program incorporating competition stroke instruction and scheduled, organized meets. CASL caters to recreational level swimmers all the way to Olympic trials qualifiers, and even three Olympians. The league has had many high caliber coaches over the years, including International Swimming Hall of Fame Coaches like Ray Bussard (University of Tennessee National Champion coach) and Jack Nelson (1976 US Olympic women’s team head coach).