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New Feature: Default Swim Course (Pool Length) Preference

We’re pleased to announce a new feature that should make using SwimTopia a little more convenient for some teams, especially those teams whose home pool is not 25 meters in length. You can now specify a default swim course in your SwimTopia team website.

Specifying Your Default Swim Course

For years, SwimTopia has used 25 meters, also known as short course meters (SCM) as the default swim course when creating a new swim meet or when running a report. With this change teams can now specify their preferred course/pool length — and that preference will be used as the default when creating new swim meets, running reports, and for your families on their “My Account” page, when looking at their kids’ time histories.

Team Information

To set this preference, visit Settings from within the Manage Team section of your SwimTopia account. From there, click Team Information where you should see a new set of options (shown below). Using these settings, you can select your default swim course (pool length).

Default Swim Course

Support for Long Course Meters

You can also optionally choose to enable reporting options for Long Course Meters (50m pool length). This option is turned off by default for Summer/Rec teams to avoid clutter and confusion, as most Summer/Recreational teams do not compete in long-course pools.

As part of this update we did a little clean-up on various performance related reports, including adding long-course meters support for relevant reports where that option was not previously available.

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