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New Registration Features: Conditional Fees and Discount Codes

Just in time for summer registration, SwimTopia now supports conditional fees and discount codes. These two powerful features can make your registration forms even more flexible for supporting several situations.

Often swim teams have complicated pricing. And as we know, no two swim teams are alike. Building flexibility into SwimTopia is key to us keeping our customers happy. Our discount codes allow teams to account for many different pricing situations that come up during registration, like board member discounts, resident discounts, volunteering discounts, and more. The conditional fees are most often used during registration to put a hold on a payment that may be charged at a later date if volunteering obligations are not met. There can certainly be other uses for conditional fees, but this is the most common one we’ve seen.

Conditional Fees

Registration form Acknowledgements now have a new option to collect “conditional” fees. Conditional fees provide a way to collect pre-approved fees, penalties, or deposits at a later date, if some condition is not met.

For example, you can charge a “Volunteer Penalty” as a conditional fee per swimmer or per family, to be applied during registration but only charged to the pre-approved credit card after the season is over.

During checkout, conditional fees are noted separately from all other itemized charges, and can be captured or released by an admin as needed.

Discount Codes

This new option can be found in the Payment section of your Registration Form.

Define as many discount codes per registration form as you like, with descriptions, amounts, and redemption limits.

Hopefully you’ll find our new conditional fees and discount codes useful. For more information about these new features, see the Registration Forms tutorials in the SwimTopia Help Center.