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New feature: Online Team Store

SwimTopia’s new Online Team Store feature allows your team to sell merchandise, team sponsorships and more — anywhere on your web site and at any time.

Introducing the Online Team Store

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Online Team Store for all SwimTopia customers. The new Online Store makes it possible to offer products for sale from any page on your website with an integrated shopping cart and quick and easy checkout process. To enable this feature select “Enable Online Store” from within the Team Site section of your team management console.

The video below provides a quick overview of these exciting new features:

  • Offer items for sale on any page of your website
  • Drag and drop product placement
  • Enable or disable the store to fit your team’s schedule
  • Easy checkout with WePay
  • You set prices and keep all the proceeds for your team
  • Processing fees can be paid by customer or team
  • View and organize orders by status
  • Easy to print pick/pack list reports

Ultimate Flexibility

The Online Team Store was designed to give your team ultimate flexibility to sell and promote any merchandise from any page on your site. While the Online Team Store provides a dedicated “Shop” section to your website, you are not limited to selling items from just this section. By extending SwimTopia’s drag-and-drop snippet-based page editing system, we have added a new “Merchandise Offer” snippet enabling your team to sell merchandise from page or template in your site. If you want to promote t-shirt sales on your home page, SwimTopia now makes that easy to do!

Any brand. Any product. And much more.

Your new Online Team Store does not limit your team to selling a particular brand or product line. Your team is free to sell any products you want. And even better, your Online Team Store can also be used to sell team sponsorships, collect donations, even sell private coaching sessions or fill spots at the pre-season stroke and turn clinic. With support for inventory limits (so the your stroke clinic spots automatically sell out as they fill up) and personalization (monogrammed towels are a great idea for a big team!), SwimTopia gives your team the flexibility it needs.

Maximize Fundraising for Your Team

It is important to point out that unlike competing solutions, SwimTopia does not take a cut of your team’s merchandise sales. Your team can set any price for any item and keeps 100% of the proceeds. While our competitors may offer a small kickback in store credit for buying merchandise from their store and may take a cut of your donations, SwimTopia enables your team to maximize your fundraising potential by setting your own prices, promoting from any page on your site, and (most importantly) keeping 100% of the proceeds for your team.

Easy Order Management

Of course SwimTopia makes it easy to track and manage your team’s orders. You will be (optionally) notified via email every time an order is placed and can customize the order confirmation messages your customers will receive. Our Order Management interface saves time by allowing you to process multiple orders in parallel, whether that is printing pick and pack lists or updating order status. Each step is simple and streamlined.

While the ability to sell merchandise has been a part of SwimTopia from the beginning, merchandise sales were previously limited to online registration. Our customers have been requesting the ability to sell products outside of registration for some time and we are glad to be able to provide that functionality now and we’re very pleased with the balance we’ve been able to strike in providing a powerful, flexible platform while simultaneously making it easy-to-use.

We encourage you to try out this powerful new feature and let us know what you think. More information about setting up the Online Store on your team website can be found on the SwimTopia Support site. If you have any questions or comments about this new feature, we’d love to hear them. Please feel free to contact us at or (877) 856-2490.