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Feature Update: Specifying Registration Limits Per Form

Does your team have a limit to how many members you can accept? SwimTopia allows you to specify registration limits, by overall team and/or by age group, with the flexibility to choose how you want to count registrations on each registration form: either all athletes in the current season or only those athletes registered using the current form.  

Teams often have multiple registration forms open at the same time, some examples include:

  • Having one form for returning athletes and one for new athletes.
  • Having one form for in-neighborhood members and one for out-of-neighborhood.
  • Having a waitlist form set up as well as your main registration form.
  • Having a form for regular members and one for board members, whose athletes register for a different price.

Different Ways to Specify Registration Limits

With our new configuration options, you can choose how you want each registration form to function; this flexibility means you can impose different limits in different situations, which makes it easier to use multiple forms to cover your team’s unique registration needs.

Specify Registration Limits Using This Form

In many situations, it’s helpful to limit registrations counting “only registrations via this form;” for example, if you only want a certain number of signups for a clinic, or only a certain number of folks to sign up for your waitlist.

Specify Registration Limits Using All Athletes

In other situations, it can be helpful for the form to count “all athletes this season” when limiting registrations to make sure you don’t go over your maximum desired numbers.  For example, if you offer different registration forms for Returning Families, New Families, and Board Members, you may want  your overall limits to remain the same across all registration forms.

How Do Registrations Count Towards a Limit?

The registration limit method determines how that form counts athletes for the purposes of enforcing limits on that form.  For example, if you create a registration form with an overall limit of 1 athlete and set it to  count “all athletes this season” — that means that it will be full if any athletes are added to the season via any other form (or any administrative action). This will prevent a new member from registering on this form.

Just keep in mind that the limit rules in one form won’t affect the limits on any other form. Each form functions independently with regards to limits. Regarding counts, if you have a registration form set to count “all athletes this season,” it will count all athletes that are registered on all forms for that season, including those forms that are set to “only registrations via this form.”

How Do We Count Athletes?

The athlete count is unique per “user_id,” so we only count each athlete once across forms. Note: accidental differences in birth dates entered for the same athlete name on different forms, or similar names with the same birth date (e.g. Kate on one form, Kathryn on another), do create “duplicates” that would count as different athletes. Learn how to de-duplicate your athletes in our Help Center article on removing duplicate athletes.

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