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SwimTopia Helps You Stay Connected With Your Swim Community

While our new “normal” includes words like social distancing, telework, and remote learning, we know how hard it is for our SwimTopia customers to be away from their beloved swim community.  We didn’t realize just how much we’d miss being near the crowded ready bench and swim blocks until now!

SwimTopia’s Customer Happiness Team has introduced two new ways to stay in touch with other members of the swim community: with your own team and with other swim team admins.

Your SwimTopia website has always been a great way to keep your families informed, and our robust communications module allows you to send emails and push alerts to your families.  Now we’re making it easier for you to enjoy and facilitate two-way conversations with your swim community.

Your Team: Staying Connected

Now you can set up a Disqus discussion (like a discussion forum) and add it to your SwimTopia site as an embedded widget.  You could create a new Community Discussion page, or add the widget as a footer or sidebar to an existing page (maybe your News page).  Your families can create a Disqus account and then participate in your Disqus discussion. 

→ See our Help Center article: Disqus Discussion Widget

Share with Other Swim Team Admins

SwimTopia is pleased to roll out our new Community feature in our Help Center. Join the discussion, ask questions, and share your best practices, tips, and advice. We’ll be growing the content (with your help!), and current sections include:

  • SwimTopia websites – best content and format for your families
  • SwimTopia’s “Manage Team” – tips and tricks for administering your site
  • Meet Maestro – why it’s so much easier than the others
  • Best practices for managing a swim team
  • Best practices for running swim meets
  • SwimTopia for leagues – great features for league-wide SwimTopia adoption
  • Rallying during COVID-19 – how is the pandemic affecting your team? How are you staying connected?

→ Check out our SwimTopia Community

We hope you, your family, and your community are doing well.  SwimTopia is here to support you and your team, and we’re working to help you stay connected—even while apart!