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Tracking Records Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

We’re thrilled to unveil new swim team record book features that not only make managing records easier than ever before, but also introduce new capabilities to give your team more flexibility in managing how records are tracked and shared. SwimTopia now provides greater flexibility for tracking records than was previously possible in any swim team management platform.

Track Records with Converted Times (If Desired)

We know many teams, especially Summer/Rec teams, compete in a mix of short-course yards and meters pools during their season, yet they don’t want to maintain separate record books for yards and meters times. SwimTopia makes this easy by allowing you to specify the course for each record book, and whether or not converted times are eligible records for that record book. This makes it easy to create one record book for converted times, and (if desired) separate record books for each course without time conversion.

Track More Than One Record Per Event

SwimTopia makes it easy to track more than the top time per event in a record book. We’ve found it’s much more fun to track the top 5 or 10 records per event, rather than just the top 1 record, which is the limit in most other platforms. With more record setting opportunities, athletes are more motivated to swim faster to break into the swim team record book and end-of-season award ceremonies will have more record-breaking accomplishments to celebrate. Tracking more than one record per event also means SwimTopia can effortlessly track tied records, something other swim team management platforms surprisingly cannot do.

Easy Setup, Easy Updates

One of the first steps in setting up a new record book is defining the list of events that should be tracked by the swim team record book. With the help of Swim Meet Templates, this potentially tedious setup step is eliminated. Most teams track records for the same set of events they typically swim in meets. Simply copy the events from a swim meet template into your record book, and you’re ready to go!

Updating the records in a record book is also ridiculously easy. Just click the “Find new records…” button, add filters to the search, if desired, and potential new records from your team’s historical times database will be presented for your review. You can choose to “Add” each result individually, or select “Add All Records” to update all records with a single click. If a result is presented that should not be considered for a record, you can exclude that result from future searches, along with a note explaining why the result did not qualify for a record.

Of course, adding records manually is fully supported to input records that may pre-date the swim history tracked in your computer database.

Easily Share Records with Your Team or the World

With the release of these new Record Book management features, we are also releasing a new “Records” snippet that makes sharing records with your teams and keeping them updated easier than ever before.

Like all other snippets, the Records snippet can be drag and dropped onto any page on your SwimTopia website, and configured to show records from a specified record book with a variety of display options. The Records snippet automatically reflects updates to the record book so the records shown on your website are always up-to-date. New records set in the current season will automatically be highlighted with a star icon.

If you want to keep your record book restricted to team members only, you can drop the Records snippet on any “private” page in your site to make it password-protected.

The Record reporting options for team administrators have also be completely revamped and updated to take full advantage of all of the above functionality.

We’re eager to have teams try these new, robust swim team record book features. Please see our help center documentation for step-by-step instructions to get started. Give it a spin and let us know what you think!