Giving the Perfect (Swim) Gift

Graphic for 7 Great Gifts for Swimmers post

The holidays are quickly approaching and this means something different depending on your swimmer’s current involvement. Whether your athlete is currently training in a winter recreational league or a year-round “club” team or whether they are in “off season” and awaiting the spring, they are still working towards goals. Goals can range in variety; maybe your swimmer wants to achieve certain time standards, legalize one of their strokes, clinch a personal best, rest before starting summer rec in the spring, or simply strengthen friendships. No matter the goals, you may be wondering what to get your young athlete this holiday season. SwimTopia has you covered with this list of coveted swimmer presents.

  • New Swimsuits: Swimmers love their suits- whether it’s a strappy look (for example, Jolyn tie-backs), colorful presentation (Dolphin Uglies), or durable trustworthiness (Speedo Endurance). Swimmers, particularly club swimmers, run through their training suits quickly and now is a good time to purchase a new one or a back up!

  • Competition/Tech Suit: Technical racing suits, especially those with carbon fiber technology, can be pricey. However, they are also important to competitive racing by providing a physical and mental edge. If your swimmer is coveting one of these prized luxuries, the holidays are a perfect time to snag one. Check out Black Friday deals to clinch a tech suit for cheap!

  • Parka: A quintessential swimmer accessory. Warm, bulky, and customizable (if you’re looking to have your swimmer or team name sewn on), parkas are a fast favorite. 

  • Sweat-suits: Similar to the parka, a good sweat-suit will keep your swimmer warm during the winter months and inside drafty swimming centers.

  • Water Bottle: Can’t go wrong with a hardy water bottle (think Hydro Flask or Yeti). These are highly collectible and can showcase your athletes’ personality via color choice or stickers (which also make a great gift!)

  • Fleece-lined Crocs: We don’t make the rules here at SwimTopia; Crocs are once again “in” and what could be better than a pair you can wear year-round? Fleece-lined for warmth and also fully customizable with Crocs’ “Jibbitz” (tiny “charms” that clip into the holes of your swimmers’ shoes).

  • Mini massage/Thera-gun: These little massage guns pack a punch (literally!) and are becoming wildly popular among younger swimmers. Perfect for relieving muscle stiffness at home or on the go, this gift is extremely functional!

Altogether, the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye (seems faster and faster every year) and, though 2024 might still feel far away, it’s never too early to find the perfect gift(s) for your athlete. Hopefully this list sparks some ideas!