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From Swimmer to Coach: Making Waves a Little Differently this Summer!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Summer season is almost underway and, as we move into these exciting months, SwimTopia recognizes some young swimmers might be embracing a new role, that of Junior Coach, Assistant Coach, or Coach. Junior coaches are typically middle to high school age athletes that may still participate in summer swim but also help instruct younger age […]

Swim Parent Expectations- How Best to Support your Athlete

After two years of social distancing, limited on-deck capacity, and virtual meets, swim team is officially back. Across the country, parents, kiddos, and coaches alike are rejoicing this quintessential summer activity’s return. As a parent, you may be anticipating the return of various activities: cheering on your young athletes, volunteering to keep all things “swim” […]

SwimTopia Presents: Favorite Summer Swim Team Memories!

It’s here, it’s here! The best time of the year is really, truly almost here! And what time of year is that, you may ask? Summer swim season of course! This idyllic summer activity, known for its colorful ribbons, zany team cheers, and sharpie body art, has finally come once more. Coaches are gearing up […]

Why Choose Summer Swim Team?

Summertime is so near, we can feel its humid breath on our necks. As those longer days and warmer months approach, you might ask yourself a very important question: “How, exactly, am I going to entertain my kiddos until the fall??” SwimTopia’s staff is made up of many parents and, goodness, we understand this question […]

End of Season Swim Coach Gifts: What Coaches REALLY want

Somehow, faster than ever before (or so it seems), we have reached that time again: the end of the high school and year-round short course swim seasons (i.e. time to think about swim coach gifts!). Swimmers, coaches, and parents alike have survived the annual trek—swimmers crushing hours upon hours of training, coaches ceaselessly analyzing times […]

Coach Certifications: Level up the Summer Swim Experience

Youth sports are indisputably an optimal way to kickstart a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Sport participation helps develop time-management, work ethic, socialization,  goal-setting, and a strong, well-adapted body. In particular, swimming enables visualization of long- and short-term goals, development of body awareness, refining of mental toughness, and strengthening of commitment. Further, swimming can be […]

NEW: SwimTopia Time Standard Sets

SwimTopia has always been a company with a big vision: to help lessen swim team management’s frustrations and provide customers the smoothest interface possible. Continually updating features to match end users’ needs, SwimTopia is committed foremost to our customers. Our most recent feature update is the addition of Time Standard Sets, a tool accessible during […]

Catching up with Elli Overton, Author of Jay’s Swimming Journey

This week we bring you an interview with author Elli Overton, a three-time Australian Olympian, mother of two beautiful boys, Summer league swim team coach, swim instructor and SwimTopia Account Manager based in Austin, Texas. We talk to Elli about her new book, Jay’s Swimming Journey, her experience as an Olympian and growing up as […]