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SwimTopia New Features: Heat Sheet Indicator

SwimTopia takes  pride in being a customer centric company. We try our best to consider customer feedback and implement it when possible. Most recently we updated the way heat sheets can be pushed to your teams. With the heat sheet indicator option you can send out heat sheets according to your preference. 

Not only is the heat sheet indicator customizable from meet-to-meet, when you toggle to publish, you have a few options. 

  1. Notify immediately: will alert parents right away and allow them to check out the sheet at their leisure
  2. Notify before start: can customize such that parents are notified 1, 2, or 12 hours before the meet starts (with 2 hours being the default) 
  3. Do not notify swimmers and parents: allows you to keep the sheets private

There are several benefits to sending out heat sheets through the mobile app immediately (or at least in advance of the meet): 

  • Parents get info sooner and are able to start planning their meet days more efficiently.
  • Parents can begin marking kiddos’ arms with their events/preparing them for meet day (so that things aren’t as stressful on the coach). Super helpful compared to pouring over 18+ pages of heat sheet day of!
  • Parents have everything they need for meet day in one spot and all at once.

However, we fully understand there are reasons you might want to keep heat sheets private: maybe there are still changes to be made or perhaps your team sells heat sheets as part of fundraising efforts. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered!

SwimTopia hopes this update enhances your summer swim experience this year! Let us know what you think.