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Decoded: The Individual Medley V. the Medley Relay

Entering the summer swim world is exciting and presents many opportunities for athletes and their parents alike. For swimmers, summer team is a social outlet that also helps develop athletic skills, goal-setting, and teamwork. For parents, summer swim is a great way to create a community and gain leadership experience via volunteer roles. Part of […]

SwimTopia Partners with Sporfie!

Sporfie & SwimTopia New for 2023, SwimTopia has partnered with Sporfie! Sporfie is an easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows users to stream and share practices or meets using nothing but their phone (without having to even log into an account). Sporfie is versatile and can be used by athletes to celebrate exciting […]

Water Safety in your Summer Swim Community!

The weather is warming up and, although some may yet be enjoying spring showers, summer is approaching. Hundreds of SwimTopia teams are already building their websites, recruiting parent volunteers, and selecting this summer’s team merchandise. And, just like every summer, this one promises to be equally as fun-filled. However, one area our teams might not […]

Team Topia for Non-Swim Teams: referrals and more!

SwimTopia has long been a player in the summer swim world. Combined with Meet Maestro, our swim meet management software, SwimTopia’s comprehensive package of team management features covers your bases. From registration to communications to volunteer organization, there isn’t much SwimTopia can’t do for summer swim teams. Recently, SwimTopia has started to make its way […]

Team Topia Taking Shape

Team Topia Inc. was established in 2011 with a goal of providing simplified sports team management software for all sports. However, the first stop for Founder and CEO Mason Hale, was the swim market. He wanted to solve his own headaches as the computer volunteer for his kids’ summer swim team. SwimTopia was Team Topia’s […]

SwimTopia for Year-round Teams

In 2011, our CEO Mason Hale realized there simply wasn’t a reliable team management software available for summer swim teams. At that time, he saw parent volunteers consistently wrangling dated programs (which often required a coding background). These parents sometimes found themselves stuck “volunteering” long after their swimmers’ career, simply because only they understood the […]

Summer Swim to Year-round Club: Picking your Perfect Competitive Team

Though still brutally hot (depending on where you are in the country), peak summer swim season is finally passing. This might also mean assessing what’s next for your young swimmer. In our previous blog, SwimTopia spoke about the immense benefits of year-round competitive (a.k.a. club) swim teams. Not only will your athlete continue developing strong […]

From Summer Swimmer to Year-round Athlete

We are quickly reaching, if not the end of the season for many leagues, at least the mid-way point (where does the time go??). It’s been a whirlwind of cheers and chants, snacks and backpacks, chlorine and cozy towels. And maybe, just maybe, your young athlete has caught the ‘swimming bug.’ Perhaps, they’re not quite […]

SwimTopia New Features: Heat Sheet Indicator

SwimTopia takes  pride in being a customer centric company. We try our best to consider customer feedback and implement it when possible. Most recently we updated the way heat sheets can be pushed to your teams. With the heat sheet indicator option you can send out heat sheets according to your preference.  Not only is […]