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SwimTopia for Year-round Teams

In 2011, our CEO Mason Hale realized there simply wasn’t a reliable team management software available for summer swim teams. At that time, he saw parent volunteers consistently wrangling dated programs (which often required a coding background). These parents sometimes found themselves stuck “volunteering” long after their swimmers’ career, simply because only they understood the dated software. Mason saw this market gap and began crafting SwimTopia, a beginner-friendly team management solution that has since seen huge success on the summer league scene. However, as the years have passed, SwimTopia has also found success among non-swim organizations, high school swim teams, and year-round “club” swim teams. 

As it relates to year-round teams, SwimTopia is more primed than ever before to address the needs of club teams. Earlier this summer, SwimTopia built its integration with USA Swimming’s SWIMS 3.0, making it easy to connect US Swimming IDs (amongst other features) to SwimTopia member accounts. We recognize there is a similar team management gap on the year-round front and, though not currently offering monthly/recurring billing, SwimTopia’s suite of features has so much to offer swim clubs. Read on to learn more about how SwimTopia can help your year-round swim team!

Keep your swimmers, parents, and volunteers more organized than ever before (saving time and money in the process!). Here are some of our year-round customers’ favorite features:

USA Swimming SWIMS 3.0 integration:

o   Link registrations to existing USA Swimming member IDs

o   Sync registered swimmers and key volunteers

o   Track athletes/volunteers not yet synced

o   Monitor USA Swimming memberships

o   Display USA Swimming status on “My Account” page

o   Communicate with families based on their USA Swimming membership status

o   Run reports to check USA Swimming status of team members

Communications Tab

o   Communicate with your team through email and push notifications through one succinct portal

o   Organize “Roster Groups;” these allow you to modify specific communication groups. Find out more here!

Team store options:

o   SwimOutlet team store- select from a multitude of equipment/apparel options to create your team store. Parents purchase from this store and items are sent to them directly. Receive money back from each purchase!

o   SwimTopia merchandise tab- allows you to build a store of specialized items that can be sold during registration or year-round through a team store tab

Reporting: some of our most popular year-round team report are:

o   Athlete score card- illustrates athletes’ progress over time

o   Top times- assess your key players on the team/athlete progress from season to season

o   Most improved

Meet calendar and sign up:

o   Though we cannot do monthly billing, we can create a report of what parents owe for meet entries (this can then easily be billed through an outside platform)

o   Create meets, complete with all entry rules and events (even easier with the use of meet templates that can then be applied to as many meets as you want)

o   Allow parents to sign up for/suggest events or have the coach sign kids up

o   Set up meets, complete with seeding and scoring (if you are also using our meet management software Meet Maestro)

o   Craft volunteer job sign ups

Interested in learning whether SwimTopia might be a good fit for your team? Give our sales line a call at (877) 856 2940 ext. 1! Software demos are also available year-round- sign up here or begin a free two week trial here!