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SwimTopia Presents: Options for Per Athlete Fee Collection

SwimTopia is comprised of both current and former parent volunteers. As such, we know the work it takes to run an entire swim team. SwimTopia aims to make swim team management as painless as possible for hardworking parents, coaches and officials. We take customer suggestions to heart and do our best to implement those suggestions […]

Announcing New Competition Category Terminology

This summer, to address the continually evolving awareness of gender identity in sport, SwimTopia is updating the terminology used in our products from “Gender” to “Competition Category.” This change more clearly reflects the intended use of “Male” and “Female” labels in our products: for the purposes of competitive classification and not as an indication of […]

SwimTopia New Features: Heat Sheet Indicator

SwimTopia takes  pride in being a customer centric company. We try our best to consider customer feedback and implement it when possible. Most recently we updated the way heat sheets can be pushed to your teams. With the heat sheet indicator option you can send out heat sheets according to your preference.  Not only is […]