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SwimTopia Presents: Options for Per Athlete Fee Collection

SwimTopia is comprised of both current and former parent volunteers. As such, we know the work it takes to run an entire swim team. SwimTopia aims to make swim team management as painless as possible for hardworking parents, coaches and officials. We take customer suggestions to heart and do our best to implement those suggestions while leveling up our solution. One such change is the way we handle per athlete fee collection. It is now easier than ever to get those fees to SwimTopia.

SwimTopia’s pricing consists of an upfront fee, plus a per athlete fee. In the past, these “per athlete fees” were invoiced following the team’s season (end of June, for summer swim teams). Moving forward, this process has been simplified. Now, if parents register for your team with a credit card, the $3 athlete fee is paid for by parents during registration. Teams can still allow parents to pay offline (i.e. check or member number). We will email an invoice for swimmers not paid for via credit card at season’s end (similar to how things worked in the past). This simplifies the per athlete fee collection process. In fact, teams that require members to register via credit card rarely receive a second invoice from SwimTopia. 

With this new system, there are a couple of ways SwimTopia administrators can set up their per athlete fee settings:

  • Itemized: If teams would like the per athlete fee to be listed on the parents’ check-out receipt and be added to their total.
    • For example: with the itemized setting, if registration fees are $100, the individual team receives $100, SwimTopia receives $3, and parents see a total of $103 at check-out with the $3 listed as a line item. 

  • Non-Itemized: If teams would prefer to leave the per athlete fee off parents’ check-out receipt, and for the amount to be deducted from their registration total.
    • For example: If registration fees are $100, the individual team receives $97, SwimTopia receives $3, and parents see a total of $100 at check-out without the per athlete fee delineated.

Some teams like adding the fee as a separate line item. This allows them to keep 100% of registration fees. Other teams would rather members not see how much of their fee goes towards the team’s software solution. The new per athlete fee collection options offer teams flexibility when choosing how to pay SwimTopia their per athlete fees, and whether or not to display those fees to their members. Ultimately, we hope our new payment process streamlines your SwimTopia experience this upcoming season. If you are interested in learning how to edit your per athlete fee settings or would like to read more in our FAQ, please click here!