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Announcing New Competition Category Terminology

This summer, to address the continually evolving awareness of gender identity in sport, SwimTopia is updating the terminology used in our products from “Gender” to “Competition Category.” This change more clearly reflects the intended use of “Male” and “Female” labels in our products: for the purposes of competitive classification and not as an indication of an individual’s gender identity. 

The idea of competition categories is becoming common in sports of all levels. It aligns SwimTopia with national and international governing bodies like USA Swimming and FINA. We will continue to follow the lead of these governing organizations. It is our hope that, by altering our terminology, we better serve the needs of swim leagues and teams as they strive to balance societal affirmation of gender identity and fairness within sport. We do, of course, leave it up to each swim league’s governing body to establish their rules for competition.

Happy racing!