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New Features: Auto Open/Close and Entries Locking

SwimTopia Can Now Automatically Open and Close Online Signups

In an effort to increase the convenience factor for the head volunteers on your swim team, SwimTopia now gives you the ability to automatically open and close meet entries and attendance declarations, RSVPs to non-meet events, and online job signups.

We’ve updated our user interface to include a tab titled “Status” within your swim meets and non-swim meet events. This tab controls both online signup settings (meet attendance/entries or RSVPs being pending/open/closed) and online job signup settings, as well as the ability to set dates and times to automatically open and close online signups. Simply select exact dates and times that you’d like to open and close RSVPs, or meet attendance/entries, and job sign ups, click the “automatically open/close” check boxes, and our system will automatically open and close online sign up at the times specified.

You no longer need to set yourself a calendar alert, or cross your fingers and hope you’ll remember to open or close signups – we’ll take care of it for you!

Lock Out Entry Changes

SwimTopia has a new setting that requires you to lock the meet before exporting your meet entry files. When the “Lock” button is switched to “On,” SwimTopia automatically closes online entries for parents (if your meet was previously open, clicking this button will override your automatic close date), and locks out other admins from making changes to the meet line up as well.

The “Lock” setting is designed to be used just before your team computer admin or coach exports the meet entries in advance of a meet. Locking the meet makes it clear that the entries export has been run, or is running, and eliminates the accidental loss of any entry changes that could occur during or after entries have been exported.

If you need to make changes after you’ve locked the meet and run a meet entry export, you can unlock the meet, make any necessary edits, and lock it again before running the meet entry export again. With our new Lock setting the meet must be locked for you to be able to export the meet entry files.