New Feature – You Can Now Generate EV3 Events Files

EV3 Events Files

SwimTopia is excited to announce that you can now generate EV3 events files from within swim meets in your SwimTopia or Meet Maestro accounts.

Events File Download

EV3 events files are used to set up swim meets in all types of swim meet software. The addition of this file generation feature is particularly helpful for teams hosting swim meets in Meet Maestro but swimming against teams using other meet software. Being able to generate an EV3 events file allows SwimTopia/Meet Maestro teams to define the events list and rules for a swim meet and share the events file with other teams. Sometimes a team will attend a meet that’s being run in Meet Maestro, but that team wishes to use other software to run their entries and reports. In those cases, that team will need the EV3 file so they can set up the meet in their own software.

The events file download includes meet details like the meet name, start and end date, location, elevation, and course code. The events file also contains all the information on each event: the event number, event type (individual or relay), stroke, distance, gender, athlete age groupings and any associated meet entry fees. And you’ll find information about entry rules in the events file, like maximum number of entries allowed per swimmer, any qualification times, and the date after which an entry time must have occurred to be eligible.

SwimTopia was designed from the get-go with a high level of integration with Active Hy-Tek* swimming software. SwimTopia has long been able to import EV3 files, and to upload and download various other common file types for entries and results such as HY3 and SD3. By adding the ability to create an EV3 file from a SwimTopia or Meet Maestro account we are closing the gap on complete integration with Hy-Tek products.

*Active Network, LLC owns a U.S. trademark registration for HY-TEK Sports Software and has trademark rights in HY-TEK for use with swim team management software. Team Topia, Inc. is not affiliated with endorsed by or sponsored by Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and/or licensors. Any references to the HY-TEK software are for comparative advertising and compatibility purposes only.