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Improved File Importing Features—Including the Ability to Import SD3 Results

Once the meet is over, it’s easier than ever to import your swimmers’ results into your SwimTopia meets. Our recent enhancements to SwimTopia’s results import feature include the ability to import .sd3 results files and improved error handling for all formats. 

SD3 Results Imports

SwimTopia is happy to announce the ability to import .sd3 results files (otherwise known as the SDIF format). We’ve long had the ability to import .sd3 and .hy3 entry files, which allowed SwimTopia teams to run meets in Meet Maestro with virtually any other team. And with the addition of the .sd3 results import to the existing ability to import .hy3 results, SwimTopia is now roundtrip compatible with all other major meet software brands. 

Our SwimTopia customers that use Swimmingly for timing and running meets have been particularly interested in importing .sd3 results directly into SwimTopia. We’re happy to have added this convenient feature to help those teams, and others, achieve compatibility with neighboring teams using other products, such as Swimmingly and TouchPad.

Improved Error Detection During File Imports

SwimTopia has also launched some handy new features that help you troubleshoot file issues when importing results from meets. If there are any problems with the file being imported, our slick new interface tells you exactly what to look for and suggests how to fix your file. No more guesswork!

SwimTopia’s new file import UI (user interface) detects errors during a three-stage import process: format validation, data validation and data import. The file import process will halt any time a step fails, and will prompt the user for action. Our system warnings and messages will identify the errors so you can fix them and try again for a successful file upload.

For example, files might have errors when:

  • A required field is missing or has an unexpected value
  • The swim meet in the file does not match the SwimTopia swim meet (name, pool length etc)
  • The file contains an unknown team, athlete, or event

We hope you enjoy these feature enhancements. For more information see our Help Center article on Meet Results: Transfer/Upload Process.