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New Feature: Athlete Roster Groups

We are excited to announce a new feature that will allow your team to create athlete roster groups, in addition to the automatic age or school year groups created during registration.

Now teams can organize athletes into completely custom and unique groups. Some examples include practice/workout groups, pre-team training groups, Varsity/JV designations, and club affiliation groups.

When Athlete Roster Groups are enabled, teams can:

  • Assign group tags – edit any athlete in your roster to add as many roster groups as needed.
  • Email by group – each group becomes an automatic mailing list in Communications, simply enter the group name to email all members of that group.
  • Assign groups during registration – configure registration forms to control which groups are offered and charge optional custom registration fees.

Using Athlete Roster Groups during registration will allow teams who have had to use multiple registration forms to combine complicated swimmer group combinations and fees into one form.

More information and tutorials about Athlete Roster Groups can be found on the SwimTopia support site.