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What ‘Swim Software’ Means to Us

At SwimTopia, we understand that “swim software” can mean different things to different people. Swim software might mean anything from something that helps coaches set swim workouts, to something that helps administrators run a swim meet, swim lessons, or swim teams.

At SwimTopia when we talk about swim software, we’re talking about our powerful software solution that helps run summer and high school swim teams more efficiently. SwimTopia swim software helps teams both communicate important information to the team through our easy-to-use website and communication tools, and manage team data and people.

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SwimTopia’s Top Swim Software Capabilities

Website Management: SwimTopia uses easy-to-navigate drag and drop ‘snippets’ to help you build and maintain your website without any technical expertise.

Online Registration: Take the paperwork and headaches out of your registration process by easily capturing all your data online, from liability waivers to emergency contact information. You can even have your parents sign up for volunteer jobs and shifts during registration.

Volunteer Job Signups: We have volunteer management options to suit any team. You can track and confirm volunteer commitments and communicate with volunteers by meet, job, shift, or role. Our system is flexible and powerful and lets you manage volunteers your way.

Swim Meet Entries: Parents and/or coaches have the ability to sign up swimmers for swim meets. Having the parents declare attendance for all the kids in their family takes the guesswork out of meet entries and relays for the coaches. Coaches can quickly view and edit entries by age group, and with our unique automatic relay generation feature, all relays for the swim meet are chosen with the click of a button.

Reports and Data Management: SwimTopia was built to integrate all the functions you need to help you run your swim team. So much more than just a website and online registration portal, SwimTopia allows you to report on, and manage, your swimmers’ results and performance, as well as track your parents’ volunteer involvement. With communications features built into many of our reports, you can easily and accurately target the groups you need to communicate with.

If you’re looking for swim software to help you manage your swim team with less paperwork, fewer spreadsheets and no workarounds, look no further! Click to tour the full list of time- and-energy saving features SwimTopia offers.

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