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SwimOutlet Team Store Promotion Palooza!

SwimOutlet Gift Card with $150 written on it

SwimTopia Customers that Start a New SwimOutlet Team Store Earn a $150 SwimOutlet Gift Card*

Though you may feel as though the exciting but also exhausting summer swim chaos is just behind you, summer 2024 is already peeking around the corner and will be here lightning quick. Many parent volunteers like to use the relative calm of the fall and winter to begin planning for the upcoming season. This way they can hit the ground running once springtime (and registration) appears. We’re excited to bring you just the motivation you need to get things rocking during the off season with our summer 2024 SwimOutlet promotion! Read more details below.

Who Qualifies?

All new and returning SwimTopia customers without a SwimOutlet team store.

Promotion Time-frame:

December 1, 2023 through July 30, 2024

What do I get?

Upon meeting terms of the promotion, receive a $150 SwimOutlet gift-card. That’s like getting a refund for your annual SwimTopia renewal fee! Use the gift-card for end of season coach gifts, pool equipment, Fun Friday props, spare goggles, and more.

*Promotion Terms:

1) Sign up for a new SwimOutlet team store (customers with SwimOutlet team stores already do not qualify)

2) Publish your store on you SwimTopia team site and share it with your team

3) Process a minimum of 5 orders through your SwimOutlet team store before July 30, 2024

We are excited to bring this promotion to you. We can’t wait to see you sell more merch than ever before, save time, show off team spirit, and make money back on all of it through your SwimOutlet team store!.

Sign up for your SwimOutlet team store today!