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SwimTopia Selected as Swim Software Provider for San Antonio’s Largest Summer League

Faced with a decision, 28-team Maverick Summer Swim League unanimously chooses SwimTopia

When the software provider for Maverick Summer Swim League, Swim-Team.US, was acquired by SwimTopia in July, the league faced an important decision: to migrate to SwimTopia for their swim team management needs, or to go with a different swim team management platform. After evaluating the options, Maverick team reps decided SwimTopia’s seamless data migration and exceptional customer service made it the best choice, and they voted unanimously to use SwimTopia as their exclusive swim team and league management software.

Maverick Known As Innovator

Coming into its 15th year of operation, the Maverick Summer Swim League (MSSL) in San Antonio, Texas, has always been an innovator. Founded to be an all-inclusive league, MSSL encourages the participation of swimmers with disabilities and awards college scholarships to deserving athletes each year. As an early adopter of online team management software and the Dolphin wireless timing system, MSSL has consistently embraced new technology. “It has been my desire, as a former Team Rep, to do whatever we, as an organization, can do to make Team Reps’, Coaches’, and swim team volunteer parents’ jobs easier,” explains the MSSL Founder and President, Donna Witt. ”The MSSL has sought and bought the latest technology available to use in making our league the best in San Antonio.”

Why SwimTopia Stood Out

After careful consideration, Maverick team reps saw SwimTopia as the obvious choice for moving forward after the acquisition. Having one team in the league who’d had a positive experience with SwimTopia helped make the decision that much easier. And when Maverick team reps heard about SwimTopia’s automated and comprehensive data migration – how SwimTopia can seamlessly import each team’s content, data, time histories, and site look and feel from their Swim-Team.US sites – they were relieved to know the work they’d done over the years would not be lost. SwimTopia’s seamless data migration was a primary consideration in Maverick’s decision.

The MSSL had heard of SwimTopia’s reputation for excellent customer service and had already developed a great working relationship with Rich Waldis, CEO and Founder of Swim-Team.US, who has joined the team at SwimTopia. Believing they’d have an easy working relationship with the SwimTopia team, coupled with the easy-to-use and comprehensive software features SwimTopia provides, the change seemed like a move in the right direction for Maverick. It was a major plus for MSSL reps that SwimTopia provides a complete solution for swim teams, including integration with Hy-Tek software, online meet entry management, registration, volunteer management, communications and more. And the league was excited to hear about SwimTopia’s plans for future innovations in the swim team and meet management arenas. With its acquisition of, SwimTopia’s expanded resources will allow it to invest more in research and product development, and expand features that will benefit leagues and teams.

The Path Forward

Donna feels that “SwimTopia will help the MSSL take another step forward in promoting the latest in swim technology, while at the same time lessening the workload on our wonderful parent volunteers and coaches.” SwimTopia CEO and Founder, Mason Hale, is happy that Donna and Maverick teams see the benefits SwimTopia provides, and he’s excited to keep up the pace of innovation. “When I built SwimTopia, I envisioned a platform that would make the lives of swim team volunteers easier. We put enormous effort and careful thought into saving time and eliminating hassle for swim teams and their volunteers, and we’re excited to be partnering with the MSSL in this ongoing process,” said Mason.

About the MSSL:

The Maverick Summer Swim League is a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2004, by Donna Witt. With seven teams in its inaugural year, the MSSL has steadily grown to currently service 28 teams in the Greater San Antonio area, making it the youngest and largest summer swim league in San Antonio. The league provides children with a total aerobic exercise program within the framework of a fun, yet competitive summer swim program. The league affords families much-needed ‘togetherness time’ by allowing multi-aged children through age 18 years to compete on the same team. Furthermore, the league impacts local communities by offering children high-quality, low-cost, competition stroke instruction and scheduled, organized meets.