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What’s New to SwimTopia in Spring 2018

What’s New to SwimTopia this Spring?
Some Handy Features For Your Team

In the off-season, we’ve been busy adding some frequently-requested enhancements to our current features. Before the summer season arrives, we’ll have even more to tell you about, so watch this space! For now, here’s some highlights of what’s new to SwimTopia this spring:

Color Picker

You can now easily select team colors for your site from the “Site Settings” screen. See our Color Picker blog for more information.

What's new to SwimTopia - color picker
Shared League Roles

Leagues that use SwimTopia league-wide can now define roles in their league site, and member teams can assign a person’s name to that role.  Once these assignments are made, league admins can easily communicate with the people in these roles. See our League Roles blog for more information.

What's New to SwimTopia - Shared Roles
Heats and Lanes

You can now use SwimTopia to note your swimmers’ heats and lanes during the entry process. The heat and lane designations carry through to all reports, including the meet entry export.  This can be useful for instances such as: meets where one team always swims in even lanes and the other is always in odd lanes, or for teams that don’t merge meet files with the other team/s before a meet. We’ll be building more features around heats and lanes in the weeks to come, so keep an eye out for a blog post on the topic coming soon!

What's new to SwimTopia - Heats and Lanes
Subscribable Calendar

You can now add your team’s SwimTopia calendar to your calendar app or service so you can automatically see team calendar events on your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll see a small “Subscribe” link next to the heading on your calendar page (the page with the URL, simply click “Subscribe” for links and instructions for adding the team calendar to the most common calendar apps.

What's new to SwimTopia - Subscribable Calendar
Meet and Event Details Now Display on Calendar

Details about your meets like the location, the description, and the start and warm up times now display on your calendar page. For events that are not meets we display the location and start time.

New Feature - Calendar Display
Add Files to Calendar Events

You’ve long been able to add files to swim meets, but now you can add files to non-swim meet events as well. Perhaps you’re having an ice cream social, you can now post your flyer to the calendar listing so folks can see the pertinent information about the event before RSVPing.

What's New to SwimTopia - Event Files
Editable Address Field

Team members can now edit their family’s home address and phone number in the system at any time. Members simply go to their My Account page (after logging in) to edit the family’s address and phone number. Because email addresses are used for logging in, it’s still the case that only admins can edit email addresses.

What's New to SwimTopia - contact info edit
Family Information Report

There is a new report under Manage Team > Reports > Athlete Information that gives you all the details on families on your team, grouping together parents and swimmers with address and contact details. The Family Information report can be conveniently downloaded to a CSV file. The report comes in handy for teams that like to create a private “Team Directory.” Simply create a New Page, make it “private” (only visible to the current season’s members with a username and password), and copy and paste the report information there to create a private Team Directory.

What's New to SwimTopia - Family Information
Receive Any Replies to Your Automatically Generated Confirmation Emails

When someone registers for your team or makes a purchase in your Online Store, they receive an automated confirmation email. The emails say “No Reply” on them, but invariably some team members will reply. The replies are almost always intended for a team admin, such as “When is the first practice?” or “I’ve mailed my check,” so it’s important they end up in the right inbox as quickly as possible.

Now you can control where those replies go. While setting up your Confirmation Email in your Registration Forms and your Online Store, you’ll see a box that says “Send a copy to.” All replies to automated confirmation emails will be directed to the email address entered into this field, even if the box next to “Send a copy to” is not checked. If there is no email address in that field, replies go to our Customer Happiness Team, who then need to forward them to a team admin. Therefore, we suggest that every team have a team admin’s email address in this box so your team members receive faster responses to their questions.

Features You May Have Missed

At SwimTopia we get a lot of feature requests! We keep a list of everything any customer suggests, and use that customer input to help us determine which features to add in the future. Sometimes we get requests for features we already have! Now you know what’s new to SwimTopia, here is a quick list of things that were added in the past that you may have missed: