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New Win-Win Fall Referral Discount + SwimTopia for Leagues Pricing

Wow! We at SwimTopia can barely believe another blisteringly hot summer has flown past (especially so here in our home of Austin, Texas- going on 30+ days with temps over 100 degrees!!). We know many of our swim teams and leagues are looking forward to some R&R before the school year begins. This said, SwimTopia is also excited to introduce a couple items of interest before summer swim takes a well-earned hiatus: our fall discount and league pricing/billing. Read on!

Our Fall Referral Program – $75 off for your team, and $75 off for the team you refer

Many teams are just coming off the summer season and the stress and chaos may yet be fresh in mind. However, our customers know how simple it was to set up and use SwimTopia. They know the time it has saved coaches, parents, admins, and the team as a whole. We want to help our customers’ friends save time and money, too!

You may or may not be aware of our previous referral discount but, this fall, SwimTopia is going bigger and better! Running through the end of November, if you refer another team to SwimTopia both you and the team you refer will save $75 off our initial set-up/annual renewal fee. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. What’s more, there is no limit on how many teams you can refer. If you introduce SwimTopia to 2 other teams, the entire $150 renewal fee is waived!

SwimTopia League Pricing and Billing – Save $150 per team, per year 

When an entire league comes to SwimTopia and is under a league-wide billing plan (meaning SwimTopia invoices the league directly and, if necessary, individual teams reimburse the league), SwimTopia’s $150 renewal fee is waived for all individual teams. We would also like to take this time to introduce our new league pricing plan. This is a little different than the past, so take note! Moving forward, SwimTopia will invoice leagues for 100% of the previous season’s athletes at $3/swimmer. This is invoiced in advance of the season (between the end of summer and December). 

We recognize the fall is a great time for leagues to gauge the past summer’s success and determine whether changes are warranted. This is, therefore, a great time to chat with us about SwimTopia for your league! The time-frame allows your teams adequate time to get set up before the following summer and to potentially organize league-wide demos if needed. 

We encourage any interested leagues to contact our sales team here or give us a ring at (877) 856 2940 ext. 1. We’d love to chat!

In conclusion, we hope summer teams across the country are enjoying some postseason downtime. We’re excited about our fall referral program (and hope you are too!) and to chat with interested leagues moving forward!