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Share the Love – Top 3 Reasons to Spread the Word About SwimTopia

Referral Program – Free League Sites – League-Wide Features & Discounts

Here at SwimTopia, our main goal is to help swim team volunteers, coaches, and admins work less so they can enjoy the swim season more. If you love SwimTopia, here are three ways you can share the love:

  1. Refer other teams and receive $75 off your next renewal for every new customer
  2. Let your league know that league websites are 100%  FREE
  3. Go league-wide— when all the teams in a league use SwimTopia, everyone saves time on league, team, and meet management AND secure a discount

1) Get $75 Off Your Next Renewal for Every New Team You Refer

To show appreciation for our avid fans and biggest advocates, SwimTopia’s referral program is designed to save your team money while also continuing to spread the word regarding our simplified swim team and meet management. For every team you refer, your team gets a $75 credit towards your next SwimTopia renewal. Tell your friends about us on social media, mention SwimTopia at your next league meeting, and/or email folks involved in running swim teams!

If you love SwimTopia and the time our software has saved your team, spread the word and SAVE! It’s a win/win.

How the SwimTopia Referral Program Works

There’s a field on our 2-week free trial sign up form that asks: “How did you hear about SwimTopia?” When a new team references your team in this field (or a person associated with your team) and eventually becomes a customer, we’ll add a $75 credit to your SwimTopia account. You may earn a $75 credit for each team you refer (with no limit on the number of referred teams). Credits earned are then applied to your next annual renewal invoice.

In the event multiple teams are listed as having referred, the $75 credit will be divided equally among the listed teams. Credits are not transferable or refundable.

2) Your League Can Have a FREE League Website

Any league, regardless of how many of their teams use SwimTopia, qualifies for a free league website. A league website helps share information between teams and simplifies league management by providing resources and information in one easy-to-find spot. If your league doesn’t currently have a website or, if they have a site that is expensive/difficult to maintain, let your league admins know they may adopt SwimTopia for free! Any league admin can visit to get started.

See some example league websites

3) Use SwimTopia League-Wide For Time-Saving Features and Discounted Pricing

When all teams in a league adopt SwimTopia for team and league management (and Meet Maestro for meet management) everyone saves time and effort. SwimTopia offers unparalleled league management features, from allowing leagues to share meet templates to uploading season-long meet schedules so each team’s schedule (including correct meet rules) can be set with a button click. Our league features streamline operations and remove inconsistencies/errors.

League-wide pricing for SwimTopia is based on the number of league-wide athletes, not the number of teams. Per athlete pricing ensures that smaller teams are not spending more than they can afford. League-wide pricing is $3.00 per athlete/year; this results in team savings of $150/year. All league, team and meet management features are included for that price, including a league website and as many team websites as needed. 

Learn more about SwimTopia for your league:

We’re happy to provide a demo webinar for your league. Please contact with questions.

If you love SwimTopia, spread the love! Thanks for your support!