It’s Unanimous: SAIL Swim League Chooses SwimTopia


SAIL teams vote to make SwimTopia exclusive team and league management platform

SwimTopia has become the preferred swim team management software for the 31-team Swim Association Invitational League (SAIL) based in Greenville, South Carolina, after having started working with a handful of its teams just three seasons ago. Voting unanimously at their last meeting, team representatives embraced SwimTopia as their exclusive team management platform.

It all began in 2015, when three SAIL teams, seeking a solution to help streamline the complex needs of managing a swim team, selected SwimTopia as their swim team management software. As word spread about how easy SwimTopia was to use and learn, more SAIL teams converted to the platform each year.

The league’s early adopters to SwimTopia were attracted to the comprehensive cloud-based solution the system offered. SwimTopia’s integrated online platform for registration, communications, volunteer signups and meet entries is a huge plus for summer swim teams, some of which have over 300 swimmers.

Nicki Creech, Greenville Country Club Swim Team SAIL representative, whose team has used SwimTopia for one season, lauded the many hours Swimtopia has saved her team’s administrators. “The organization of our team was easier, the interface was simple to use, and the number of hours needed for team management was greatly reduced,” said Creech. “I dread to think of what it would look like if our team reverted back to the old way of organization and team management.”

Nicki added, “From a parent perspective, I love that it is easy for me to find any information I need to know in one place. From the perspective of a team manager, I love that the days of doubled man hours and miscommunications are gone. From a cost perspective, it’s a worth every penny, even if our season is only the length of one summer.”

By 2017, 13 of SAIL’s teams were using SwimTopia to help manage their teams. The results were noticeable, and the remaining teams decided to switch to SwimTopia. “After seeing several teams benefit by partnering with SwimTopia over the last couple of seasons, SAIL’s vote to adopt SwimTopia league-wide was unanimous,” said Jay Martin, SAIL President.

Jay also investigated using SwimTopia to help manage the needs of the league itself. “Managing a summer swim league with 31 teams, 4,500 swimmers, and 4,000 volunteers is a daunting task,” he explained. “Along with distributing basic information, SAIL needed a tool to help secure payments, get swimmers and volunteers where they were supposed to be, and, most important, simplify the task of managing all that.”

The league hopes that, with SwimTopia, they can cut back on the workload associated with management tasks that have been time-consuming in the past. The league will utilize SwimTopia’s features specifically designed to streamline league management, from sharing league liability waivers directly with teams online, to reducing the reporting and paperwork between teams and the league that used to be necessary.

“SAIL found the solution it was looking for with SwimTopia,” said Jay. And SAIL will be able to optimize specific features that are available to leagues with 100% SwimTopia participation, including league-wide standings and results.

SwimTopia CEO, Mason Hale, is excited about the opportunity to work with SAIL,”We’re very grateful to the pioneering SAIL teams who first tried SwimTopia. They recommended us to their fellow teams and introduced us the SAIL board. We are truly humbled by their support and we’re thrilled to now be working with SAIL to help all their teams run with less work and more fun!”

About SAIL:
The Swim Association Invitational League (SAIL) began in 1964 with four swim teams in Greenville, SC. The league has grown to 31 swim teams and over 4500 swimmers. SAIL strives to develop a sense of community amongst its swimmers and their parents, as they come together over the summer to work toward a common goal, as well as have fun together.