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SwimTopia Feature Updates – July 2018

SwimTopia has announced some pretty big feature updates this month with Meet Maestro™ and a revamped mobile app, and we had a few smaller feature updates as well:

Feature Updates:
New Admin Permission for SwimTopia Live Mobile App Feature

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the SwimTopia mobile app has some awesome new features to improve Event Heat Updatesyour meet-day experience. Teams can enable SwimTopia Live features, which give users a live event/heat bar on their app; all it takes is a volunteer to keep the app updated with the current event and heat that’s being swum.

We hazard to guess that the job of “Event/Heat Updater” at the meet could become one of the most coveted for earning volunteer credit ☺ Imagine: your job is to watch the meet and tap on your phone as each heat begins. Sounds a lot easier than some jobs, like ready bench or clean-up!

To be an Event/Heat Updater, the volunteer needs special permissions. Teams simply assign the volunteer to a role with permission to perform “Event Heat Updates,” which is a new option in the permissions menu. The new permission does not grant any access to the “Manage Team” section of your team website. Anyone with full admin permissions (the crown symbol) can also update the mobile app.

More information about enabling SwimTopia Live

New Option to Control Publishing of Individual Entries

When coaches are working on the meet lineup, it is sometimes helpful for entries to be hidden until the coaches have all entries finalized. It is now possible for coaches or admins to choose when to publish entries on the website and in the mobile app on a meet-by-meet basis. When coaches are ready to publish individual and relay entries, they can check a box in the settings that are located under the Status tab of the meet.

Publish Individual Entries