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New Feature Alert: League Record Books!

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Here at SwimTopia, we take pride in our customer support. Our customers mean everything to us and that’s why we strive to be the best, both in our product’s quality but also the unparalleled support that goes with it. The attention to customer needs also means we consistently listen to feedback. We want your product to best reflect your needs. This leads to some exciting news regarding our most recent feature release!

This Just In: League Record Books!

Now with SwimTopia you can create league record books. With league record book functionality, you can create record books for the league, display them on your SwimTopia league site, and share them with your teams. Teams can use the record books in a variety of ways plus, the league site visibility keeps competition and the feeling of success high.

What else can you do with league record books? Learn more below!

1). Create and maintain a league record book– League record books are created manually by a league administrator and updated manually by a league admin to ensure the validity of the records.

2). Share league record books– League admins can choose to share league record books with their teams, much like shared meet templates, which can then be displayed on team websites or during Meet Maestro meets.

3). Display league records on league website– Showcase your accomplished league swimmers on the league website

Looking to take advantage of this new feature? Create your league record book today!