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New Mobile App Features Put a Live Event-Heat Board in Your Pocket

SwimTopia’s Mobile App Has New Meet Features You’ll Love

SwimTopia is excited to announce a mobile app update that helps swimmers, parents and coaches stay up-to-date and informed during swim meets. The new SwimTopia Live features give every meet participant aEvent Heat Board in Your Pocket live event-heat board in their pocket. The Live Bar keeps meet participants and their families in tune with what’s going on in the pool in real time — so they won’t miss the races they care about most. And if the team is using Meet Maestro™, SwimTopia’s new meet management solution, participants who upgrade to a Pro subscription will also have heat sheets, estimated start times, results and team scores that update throughout the meet.

With hundreds of athletes competing in dozens of events, swim meets frequently extend to five hours or more. Yet, during an entire meet, a given swimmer may only end up racing for a few minutes in total! If athletes and spectators don’t keep track of their upcoming events, they can easily miss a race—a major source of anxiety for swimmers, parents, and coaches. The prominent new SwimTopia Live Bar shows the current event and heat that’s being swum, making it easy for parents and athletes to follow the progress of the meet on their phones so they won’t miss another race.

The In-App Live Event-Heat Board is a Hit With Parents

“For a busy swim team volunteer, it’s very helpful to have the SwimTopia mobile app available” says Jens H., lead computer operator for the Balcones Woods Blue Wave. “It gives you heat results and scores in real Parents enjoy the live event-heat board on their phonetime, and it also lets you easily track the progress of the meet so you know exactly when your kids’ next events are coming up.”

Parents from the Whittington Creek Crocodiles were thrilled with the revamped app. “Our team used the SwimTopia Live feature in the mobile app and our parents LOVED it!!!!!” says Robin B., the team’s Meet Director. “It worked perfectly. A mobile app like this one is super helpful to keep track of which event is being swum. Seeing real time results, instead of waiting till the end of the day, is fantastic. We will definitely use it next season at all our dual meets!”

Giving every parent a live event-heat board on their phone during the meet is particularly helpful if they can’t see the pool from their volunteer position or they’re trying to time their arrival at the pool to see a specific swim. SwimTopia’s new app features make it easier for parents, athletes, coaches and volunteers to stay informed and on schedule. Designed to reduce anxiety for parents by keeping them up-to-date, and to help swimmers know where they need to be and when, the new features make swim meets more fun for everyone. 

More Innovation to Come

“After many months of hard work, it’s been a joy to see parents following their kids races with the updated SwimTopia mobile app,” said Mason Hale, SwimTopia Founder & CEO, “We’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback thus far, and we look forward to bringing more innovation to the pool deck in the near future.”

The SwimTopia mobile app is available to SwimTopia users and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store