Introducing Meet Maestro™ – A Bold New Vision for Swim Meet Management

Meet Maestro with freestyler

SwimTopia is excited to officially unveil our new swim meet management platform, Meet Maestro™, which dramatically simplifies the setup and running of competitive swim meets. We have been piloting Meet Maestro around the country this summer, with 8 different leagues testing the software. Meet Maestro has already been used to run more than 550 swim meets, including 9 championship meets, this year.

Meet Maestro Reduces the Complexity of Running a Swim Meet

Because running a swim meet has historically been very labor intensive, Meet Maestro was designed to simplify every aspect of running meets. Until now, swim teams have had few options when it comes to Meet Maestro Swim Meet Managementswim meet management software, and the vast majority of swim meets are run using a competing software product first introduced in the 1990s. With an outdated user interface, many find this software to be intimidating and difficult to learn, which makes it harder for swim teams to find and train volunteers to fill the crucial role of computer operator.

In contrast, Meet Maestro was created using the latest technology, and features an easy-to-use, modern user interface, making it so much easier to learn and use.

“We have been using Meet Maestro to run our summer swim meets and have found the system to be truly Meet Maestro On Deckintuitive,” says Heather Ugron, lead computer operator for the Copperfield Dolphins swim team. “Summer league is run by volunteers who simply don’t have the time to invest in classes to learn a new system. With Meet Maestro, they don’t have to. Our volunteers just sit down and get right to work with minimal direction from me.”

Meet Maestro was designed to work in tandem with the team and league management features available in SwimTopia to save time and reduce errors. With easily shared meet templates, swim leagues are able to ensure meets are set up properly and run in accordance to their rules, with greater flexibility and more control than was previously possible. In addition, the preferences of teams and coaches for managing meet declarations and selecting relay teams are automatically saved and reused. By automating “meet setup,” Meet Maestro effectively eliminates this previously tedious and error-prone chore.

Innovation and Integration Leads to New Possibilities

Event/Heat Board in your pocket

Meet Maestro has all the basic swim meet management features teams need, plus some features teams have grown to enjoy, like a mobile app with live event results. But Meet Maestro adds new and innovative features that have not been possible until now. Meet Maestro’s meet management features work with SwimTopia’s team management features to provide the first truly end-to-end system, blurring the boundary between the previously separate functions of swim team and swim meet management. Together, they greatly simplify and streamline the way entry, seeding and scoring rules are managed, and the way meet entries and results are shared and exchanged between teams and leagues. In a world accustomed to the limitations of running meet software on a team-bought PC laptop, Meet Maestro introduces an array of options, including online access for multiple Macs or PCs, and a desktop application for better integration with the CTS Dolphin wireless timing system.

With the debut of Meet Maestro, SwimTopia is introducing a new alternative into a market that has been dominated by a single software provider for more than two decades. By bringing new competition into a largely stagnant software segment, we hope to spark more innovation and to improve the options available to swim teams and leagues.

“When SwimTopia announced its acquisition of Swim-Team.US last year, we declared we would be accelerating the pace of innovation.” said Mason Hale, CEO and founder of SwimTopia. “Meet Maestro is our first delivery on that commitment. Built using the latest technology, Meet Maestro provides a solid, modern foundation upon which we will continue to deliver innovative new ways to make running swim meets easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for everyone. We’re just getting started.”

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