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Prepping for Summer Swim Season

Summer swim is upon us already. Some SwimTopia teams are already conducting their registrations and gearing up for the season’s first practices. There’s lots to look forward to: ribbons and relays and remembered team chants. This approaching summer swim season holds the same promise of sun, sunscreen, and smiles. 

SwimTopia knows this excitement all too well, given most of our staff are former summer swim athletes, coaches, and parents. We also know the season can sneak up, especially following the post-spring break lull. That’s why we’ve come up with a fun but helpful list of “to-do” items. Check these off prior to your season’s start:

Summer Swim Parents’ Pre-Season To-Do List

  1. Validate carpool arrangements: with all the commotion of summer time activities, it’s never too early to check last summer’s carpool or begin asking around! You’ll rest easy knowing the carpool schedule is set, even more so if you have multiple kiddos taking part in different summer activities/camps.
  2. Double-check summer swim gear: are your fins, kickboard, suits, and goggles all in tip top shape? There’s nothing worse than goggle straps snapping mid-practice due to old laces. Additionally, too-small fins are pretty uncomfortable. Youngsters grow fast- you’ll be surprised by what was too big last year and too tight this year!
  3. Stock up on sunscreen: can never have enough sunscreen during the summer months!
  4. Invest in packable and nutritious pre- and post-workout snacks: peanut butter and apple slices, trail mix sectioned into plastic baggies, granola bars, and fruit snacks are all great options! Easy to pre-make and grab on-the-go.
  5. Brush up on the swim strokes: a lot of teams hold pre-season stroke clinics to reacclimate swimmers to their fly, back, breast, and free. See if your team is holding one of these. Local swim clubs also sometimes host pre-summer season tune-ups. Things can get rusty, particularly if your swimmer doesn’t participate in a year-round program. With a clinic brush-up, your athlete will build confidence and feel ready to hit the pool.
  6. Clear your schedule for meet weekends: swim teams need all hands on deck to make everything run smoothly, so help your team out by staying available to volunteer. Further, consider reaching out to team leadership to ask about open ‘head volunteer’ positions. If you have a season or two under your belt, you might be ready to tackle a much needed leadership role on the team or on meet days. 

Altogether, SwimTopia is excited for another summer in the sun. We hope this “to-do” list gets your brain working and look forward to hearing this season’s stories.