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Give Your the Team the Gift of Live-stream and Easy Fundraising!

Sporfie & SwimTopia

In 2023, SwimTopia partnered with Sporfie! We are proud to announce the continuation of this partnership into the new year. Sporfie is an easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows users to stream/share practices or meets with nothing but their phone. You don’t even have to log into an account to view! Sporfie is versatile- perfect for athletes to celebrate exciting races, coaches to analyze swim strokes, or parents to simply peek into a practice.   

What Exactly is Sporfie?

Sporfie is a simple, easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows teams, athletes and coaches to stream practices and meets anytime, anywhere. Using just a smartphone, GoPro/Mevo camera, or installed cameras at your facility, you can livestream meets, practices, and more (this makes it easy for family and friends to join the stream at no cost to them/without creating an account). All footage is saved to the cloud which means it can be replayed, saved, or downloaded at any time!

What Does this Partnership Mean for SwimTopia Customers?

As part of their partnership with SwimTopia, Sporfie is offering special pricing for SwimTopia customers and their communities. This partnership includes the ability to use Sporfie as a team fundraiser, earning money for the team and Sporfie’s live streaming for FREE when you hit your fundraising minimum*!

*Raised funds can be used to pay for Sporfie’s live stream service (just need to sell 2 sponsorships to pay for Sporfie for the year). Once you’ve sold 2 sponsor spots, your team starts banking 70% of all extra funds raised. Hit the 10 sponsor fundraising goal to get your live streams covered and $1200 in fundraising!

Special Pricing for SwimTopia Customers:

Pay for it outright:

  • 2 streams = $399 for the summer season

Or fundraise:

  • Business logos on stream: $200

Again, sell just 10 digital logo spots and your team makes $1200 and gets your live streaming for free!

Try something new this year: capture your team’s best moments AND raise money at the same time. 2024 is sure to be a season to remember!

Contact Robert at Sporfie For More Info:

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