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Decoded: The Individual Medley V. the Medley Relay

Entering the summer swim world is exciting and presents many opportunities for athletes and their parents alike. For swimmers, summer team is a social outlet that also helps develop athletic skills, goal-setting, and teamwork. For parents, summer swim is a great way to create a community and gain leadership experience via volunteer roles. Part of […]

SwimTopia Presents: Summer Para Swim Star Kate Alexander

A competitor and Junior Coach for the Western Oaks Dolphins summer swim team in Austin, Texas, 13-year-old swimmer Kate Alexander first began swimming at age 8. She was quick to fall in love with the sport, enjoying the hard work and the enduring friendships she built on her team. Despite eventually also joining a year-round […]

SwimTopia Partners with Sporfie!

Sporfie & SwimTopia New for 2023, SwimTopia has partnered with Sporfie! Sporfie is an easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows users to stream and share practices or meets using nothing but their phone (without having to even log into an account). Sporfie is versatile and can be used by athletes to celebrate exciting […]

SwimTopia’s New Parent Meet Series: Part I

Wow! You’ve signed up your kiddo (or, maybe, multiple kiddos) for summer swim team! This is an exciting decision and we know, as a result, your young athlete(s) will create skills and memories to last a lifetime. Swim team is a quintessential summer activity and your family has joined a legacy of zany team cheers, […]

Water Safety in your Summer Swim Community!

The weather is warming up and, although some may yet be enjoying spring showers, summer is approaching. Hundreds of SwimTopia teams are already building their websites, recruiting parent volunteers, and selecting this summer’s team merchandise. And, just like every summer, this one promises to be equally as fun-filled. However, one area our teams might not […]

Prepping for Summer Swim Season

Summer swim is upon us already. Some SwimTopia teams are already conducting their registrations and gearing up for the season’s first practices. There’s lots to look forward to: ribbons and relays and remembered team chants. This approaching summer swim season holds the same promise of sun, sunscreen, and smiles.  SwimTopia knows this excitement all too […]

Learn More and Save in March – With SwimTopia

March Madness:Sign up for a free trial in March and get $75 off your first invoice!* Summer season is quickly approaching and we at SwimTopia know this means the making of countless memories, building of accomplishment, and strengthening of community. However, we also know it means hours of planning, volunteering, and patience. We want your […]

SwimTopia’s SwimOutlet Partnership, Promos, and More

We at SwimTopia know that one of summer swim’s most enticing lures is the opportunity to build community. Whether it’s the friendships your young swimmers make or the equally important bonds cultivated amongst parent volunteers, we know that summer swim transcends just the pool deck.  One of the most exciting ways to build that community […]

Spring Demos and Trainings in Maryland, Virginia & Virtual

It’s been a number of years, but we’re excited to be coming back to the Washington D.C. area again in person! Join Director of Sales & Marketing, Elli Overton, and Director of Customer Success, Tracy Nelson, for one of our D.C. area trainings and demos to learn more about SwimTopia. Whether you’re not yet a […]