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Upcoming “Simplify Your League Management” Webinar

SwimTopia is excited for summer swim leagues across the US, slowly waking up and preparing for the upcoming season. Though “summertime” may still feel far away, we know this is the best time of year to quietly plan for the greatest season yet. With SwimTopia for Leagues (which includes other governing bodies like school districts), we know achieving “the greatest season yet” is truly within your grasp. We help you simplify your league management with everything from a free league website to handy league management features when some or all teams in a league use our software. 

Join us for our “Simplify Your League Management” webinar on January 23, 2024 at 2:00 PM Eastern and see the magic for yourself!

Topics of discussion include:

  • Communicating effectively through your free league website
  • Removing paperwork and file exchanges during registration
  • File-free sharing of swim meet event lists, entry rules, and more
  • Updating team contacts without doing any work
  • Collecting team dues online

Register for our “Simplify your League Management” Webinar Now!

(Missed the webinar this year? Not a problem- you can still watch the recording right here!)

With SwimTopia, data sharing between linked leagues and teams streamlines operations/saves team and league administrators a ton of time, emails, and paperwork. When all teams in your league/district use SwimTopia, we make the deal even sweeter by waiving the $150/team upfront cost*. This makes SwimTopia just $3/swimmer!

If your league doesn’t have a website (or it’s never updated), SwimTopia can also help! As mentioned, SwimTopia offers a free, easy to use league/district website for all governing organizations, no matter how many of the teams in your league use SwimTopia or Meet Maestro! Our free league websites offer a centralized location to:

  • Store important information (like league waivers, bylaws, or meet results)
  • Showcase teams
  • Organize schedules
  • Display an organized face for the league to outside parties

Interested in learning whether SwimTopia might fit your summer swim league or high school district? Reach out to our sales team at (877) 856 2940 ext. 1 or visit our site here:


*If all league/district teams are invoiced under a league-wide billing plan