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Meet Maestro, Timing Integrations, and More!

2023 is well underway, with registrations for some of our summer customers already starting! Your own team’s season might still feel far away, but it never hurts to start brushing off last year’s cobwebs. As this process begins, we at SwimTopia would like to help you get ahead of the curve when it comes to meet timing systems. Currently integrated with several timing solutions, let this be the year you utilize Meet Maestro to its highest potential! Read on to learn more about our timing system integrations as well as some current deals. 

Meet Maestro integrates with several different timing systems in order to make running your competitions as seamless as possible. On the wireless end, Meet Maestro integrates with:

  • Wylas– featuring electronic timing on modified Android phones (or through an app on Android), and the ability to easily display times on a TV poolside 
  • Time Drops has small buttons for timing pieces and the ability to connect to a TV for scoreboard use
  • Dolphin Wireless uses wireless stopwatch style handheld devices and can connect to an LED scoreboard. 

On the touchpad side, SwimTopia integrates with Colorado Timing Systems 5/6 and Generation 7. While our touchpad integration is still considered in “beta,” we are happy to turn on that integration for customers that want to try it out. We suggest, if you’d like to add a timing system this summer, considering which of these options best suits your team’s needs.

A couple of these timing companies are also running deals at the moment. Time Drops now has a league-wide discount; contact them if your team is interested in streamlining league operations this season. Secondly, Wylas is running a promotion: nominate an “unsung hero” in your swimming community and potentially win a free Wylas system. Learn more here!

In conclusion, any one of our current timing integrations will help you win back time and sanity this summer while running Meet Maestro competitions. Pick the one best suited for your team and don’t forget! Meet Maestro still works with the regular ol’ stopwatch as well- we’ve got you covered for every budget. If you’re currently using one of these integrations (or even the trusty stopwatch), let us know how it’s treating you- we’d love to hear from current users and customers.