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Meet Maestro: Make Meets More Managable

This year, it’s time to cut the hassle, the stress, and the time inherent in meet management. Give your team the gift of efficiency with SwimTopia’s Meet Maestro, a succinct cloud-based meet management program.

To help showcase our stunning meet management system, SwimTopia is hosting a “Running Your Meets Efficiently/Meet Maestro” webinar Thursday February, 15th at 2:00 PM Eastern. Topics will include:

  • Training computer volunteers
  • Setting rules and expectations for your team
  • Tips for an organized swim meet
  • Handling entries, scratches, and last minute changes
  • Running the meet
  • Post meet reports and data sharing


(Missed the Webinar this year? Not a problem- you can still watch the recording right here!

Meet Maestro comes free with both Lite and Premium SwimTopia accounts and allows users to make entries in a HyTek compatible format. Meet Maestro brings meet management into the modern era, can be open on as many computers as needed (gone are the days of the designated “meet computer”), is intuitive and easy on the eyes, integrated with several timing systems (read more here), and simple to learn. With Meet Maestro, anyone can become your team’s computer rep!

What’s more, Meet Maestro:

  • Allows you to display team standings, records, and time standards throughout the course of a meet on the Meet Maestro interface
  • Enables adjustments before meets in case of scratches
  • Is compatible with other meet management softwares for entry collection/meet merging/results
  • Has customizable meet set-up that enables you to abide by team/league events and entry rules
  • Includes a robust back-end with: psych sheets, heat sheets, timer sheets, positive check-in sheets, results, time reports, and PR/place ribbon labels 
  • Gives users the ability to follow meets in the SwimTopia mobile app 

In addition to Meet Maestro, SwimTopia also comes stocked with an array of helpful organizational features like: volunteer recruitment/communication, registration, RSVP for meets and events, team communications, parent portal, website, and more!

Make 2024 your best year yet with Meet Maestro and SwimTopia!