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SwimTopia Presents: Summer Swim Resources

Even if you’re thinking to yourself: “Wow- I only just took down my holiday decorations!!”, summer season is still quickly approaching. We at SwimTopia want you to hit the ground running in the most productive way possible. With this in mind, we gathered some helpful summer swim resources from like-minded companies. We share them with you here; read on to learn how to keep your volunteers current and your coaches trained to the highest standards.

Stroke and Turn is an organization that provides online instructional courses for stroke and turn judges. The site allows customers to either purchase an individual course (self-taught/self-paced) or a course for your entire league (set up, track, and manage the training of all league volunteers). Online videos teach volunteers how to discern between legal and illegal strokes/turns and are according to USA Swimming’s rules and regulations. You can rest assured that, with this program, your volunteers will receive consistent and accurate training. Visit their website to see whether they could help your volunteer brigade!

Summer League Swimming is a national organization sharing resources tailored specifically to summer swim teams/coaches. Their organization provides the following: a swim coach certification based on psychological/sport research, level 2 background checks for your coaches, officials, volunteers, and staff, and a Safe Summer Program that packages the background check, coach certification, and also adds comprehensive team insurance coverage. Check out their site to see whether your team/coaches could benefit from these resources!

Again, we at SwimTopia want you to have the most successful season possible and are excited to share these resources. We hope you find them useful as you elevate your seasonal experience this year!