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SwimTopia’s SwimOutlet Partnership, Promos, and More

We at SwimTopia know that one of summer swim’s most enticing lures is the opportunity to build community. Whether it’s the friendships your young swimmers make or the equally important bonds cultivated amongst parent volunteers, we know that summer swim transcends just the pool deck. 

One of the most exciting ways to build that community is by designing and donning an exciting closet of spirit wear. Team chants are even more powerful when done in a sea of your team’s colors. SwimTopia’s SwimOutlet partnership makes it simple to create that spirit wear and solidify your team’s community. Read on to learn more about how SwimOutlet can help your team and to learn about SwimOutlet’s new Free Fit Kit offer for SwimTopia customers!

SwimOutlet’s team store allows admins to handpick the best items for their parents and athletes. Team suit? Check! Team shirt and cap? Check! Got a recommended pair of goggles you want to share? Check! Equipment you’d like your team to have? Check! 

SwimOutlet truly has it all and allows you to outsource selling and distributing your team gear. This saves team merchandise coordinators a ton of headaches and allows them to pick the very best from SwimOutlet’s massive warehouse.  

To keep it short and sweet, when you set up a SwimOutlet team store your team can:

  • Work with SwimOutlet specialists to help you customize suits, t-shirts, towels, and more.
  • Make cash back or store credit on a percentage of every sale. If your coach requires certain swim equipment for practice, put it in your team store! Goggles, kick boards, fins, your team can make cash back on all of it.
  • Get all your team gear delivered directly to your families, without having to waste money pre-ordering items, or hauling it to the pool and distributing it from the trunk of your car! Let SwimOutlet do the work.
  • Choose specific items to use as fundraisers – SwimOutlet lets you pick a price and your team makes all the money on the mark up.

Interested in what you’ve read so far? Why not give it a try! Learn how to set up your SwimOutlet team store here. You can also reach out directly to your area representative for more in depth questions (check the pictograph below).

Once you’ve created your team store successfully, it’s time to set up your SwimTopia SwimOutlet team store snippet on your website correctly. It’s important to do this accurately so that your team receives credit for items purchased in the store. Follow these directions or reach out to our Customer Happiness Team if you are having trouble.

Free Fit Kits for SwimTopia Customers

What’s more, SwimOutlet is currently running a promotion specifically for SwimTopia teams! Link your new or existing SwimOutlet store to your SwimTopia account and receive a FREE 12-suit Fit Kit to keep. If you successfully linked your accounts last year, no sweat! Refresh or confirm your team suits with your SwimOutlet sales rep and still qualify for the Fit Kit promo!

Here’s how it works:

  • Create or Update your existing Team Store and click “Publish.” Link your team store to your SwimTopia team account 
  • Email or call your Team Rep requesting your Free Fit Kit (again, reference sales rep map above)
  • Sell 20 Team Suits through your store in 60 days and your kit is completely free!**

Included in the Fit Kit: sizes 26-36 for men and women in the same brand and fabric of your team suit, SwimOutlet Suit Sizing Measuring Tape, Digital Fitting Pack with instructions on how to run a fitting, fit cards, and fit charts.

**SwimOutlet will require a credit card on file- if your team does not sell 20 suits, SwimOutlet will charge the credit card $100 Sporti Fit Kit or $150 for a branded fit kit

Here at SwimTopia we are already getting excited for summer swim season 2023! We know it’s going to be just as bold, bright, and zany as every summer past. This year, though, might be just a little more spirited with your very own SwimOutlet team store!