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Spring Demos and Trainings in Maryland, Virginia & Virtual

It’s been a number of years, but we’re excited to be coming back to the Washington D.C. area again in person! Join Director of Sales & Marketing, Elli Overton, and Director of Customer Success, Tracy Nelson, for one of our D.C. area trainings and demos to learn more about SwimTopia. Whether you’re not yet a […]

Meet Maestro, Timing Integrations, and More!

2023 is well underway, with registrations for some of our summer customers already starting! Your own team’s season might still feel far away, but it never hurts to start brushing off last year’s cobwebs. As this process begins, we at SwimTopia would like to help you get ahead of the curve when it comes to […]

SwimTopia Presents: Summer Swim Resources

Even if you’re thinking to yourself: “Wow- I only just took down my holiday decorations!!”, summer season is still quickly approaching. We at SwimTopia want you to hit the ground running in the most productive way possible. With this in mind, we gathered some helpful summer swim resources from like-minded companies. We share them with […]

SwimTopia Presents: Coach Holiday Gifts

After much anticipation, the holidays are finally here! Now that SwimTopia has investigated the best gifts for your favorite swimmer, you may be feeling more confident about your December shopping list. However, you may also be wondering how to cover all your holiday shopping bases. What do those hard-working “behind-the-scenes” artists, your kiddos’ coaches, want?  […]

The High School Swim Team Experience

Swimming is certainly one of the best youth sports on the market. With its low-impact cardio and a muscular component (a full body workout!), swimming helps youngsters tackle goal-setting, introduces the idea of “teamwork” both in practice and competition settings, and provides a social outlet. Further, once our young athletes reach the middle/high school age, […]

SwimTopia Presents: SWIMS 3.0 Integration

September marks the release of USA Swimming’s SWIMS 3.0. This is a newly updated swimmer database/swimmer registration portal for members of USA Swimming clubs. The release allows athletes, parents of athletes, and non-athletes (e.g. volunteers) to register for USA Swimming online at the USA Swimming website while syncing their member details to their team management […]

Announcing New Competition Category Terminology

This summer, to address the continually evolving awareness of gender identity in sport, SwimTopia is updating the terminology used in our products from “Gender” to “Competition Category.” This change more clearly reflects the intended use of “Male” and “Female” labels in our products: for the purposes of competitive classification and not as an indication of […]

Summer Swim to Year-round Club: Picking your Perfect Competitive Team

Though still brutally hot (depending on where you are in the country), peak summer swim season is finally passing. This might also mean assessing what’s next for your young swimmer. In our previous blog, SwimTopia spoke about the immense benefits of year-round competitive (a.k.a. club) swim teams. Not only will your athlete continue developing strong […]

From Summer Swimmer to Year-round Athlete

We are quickly reaching, if not the end of the season for many leagues, at least the mid-way point (where does the time go??). It’s been a whirlwind of cheers and chants, snacks and backpacks, chlorine and cozy towels. And maybe, just maybe, your young athlete has caught the ‘swimming bug.’ Perhaps, they’re not quite […]