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High Schools Sports Team Livestream and Fundraiser: explore SwimTopia’s partnership with Sporfie!

Sporfie & SwimTopia

In summer of 2023, SwimTopia partnered with live streaming service Sporfie! Sporfie is an easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows users to stream and share practices or meets using nothing but their phone (without having to even log into an account). Sporfie is versatile and can be used by athletes to celebrate exciting races, coaches to analyze swim strokes, or parents to simply peek into a practice.   

Following a successful summer league season, SwimTopia’s partnership with Sporfie is extending into the high school sports market as well. This means, if you’re a high school swim or sports team and interested in the benefits of live stream and/or an easy team fundraiser, look no further!

For reference, let’s break down what exactly Sporfie is again:

  • Sporfie is a simple, easy-to-use live streaming and fundraising platform that allows teams, athletes and coaches to stream practices and meets anytime, anywhere. 
  • The team signs up with Sporfie for either one or two live streams and can pay for that service outright or pay through their fundraising efforts. 
  • Using just a smartphone, a GoPro/Mevo camera, or installed cameras at your facility, you can live stream your swim meets, practices and more. This allows family and friends to join the stream and watch live at NO cost to them. Viewers don’t even need to create an account! 
  • Share a link to your team’s landing page for quick access to meets or practice sessions. Add a pin code to your events if you would like to restrict your audience to just parents, coaches, or players.
  • The entire swim meet footage is saved in the Cloud, so you can replay, save highlights, and download the action at any time. If you have two streams, you can also use Sporfie’s unique “picture on picture” feature. This feature allows you to place the image of a scoreboard, if you have one, on the live stream, making it even easier to follow the action!

So, what does this mean for SwimTopia high school teams?

SwimTopia high school teams can purchase Sporfie at Sporfie’s normal rate but, if a SwimTopia team refers Sporfie to another sports team, they receive a $100 referral bonus! However, more excitingly, if a SwimTopia team signs up for Sporfie’s ‘Raise’ program (where the team can sell business logos for $300; these appear in the bottom right corner of their live stream feed for 5 seconds 4 times every hour of live streaming), they receive their camera installation for free if they sell 30 spots. They also make $6,700 in fundraising cash!

Standard pricing on the Raise program is:

$490/ mobile stream per year

$900/ installed camera per year

If a team signs up for the Raise program but doesn’t hit 30 logo sales, Sporfie deducts the mobile stream and camera installation price from the total amount raised. Then, the high school sports team still receives 70% of the remaining amount. For example, if a team raises $3,000, that is $497 of kept funds for the team (from just 10 ad sales!!).

Sporfie organizes personalized calls with each prospective customer to understand their program, facility, and unique needs/goals. They will then custom design the team’s camera set up and install anywhere in the USA.

In Summation, Sporfie:

  • Allows you to live stream your meets & practices–anytime, anywhere
  • Is FREE for families, friends and fans to watch
  • Provides picture in picture for enhanced viewing
  • Is cloud recorded for playback on demand
  • Allows your team to raise thousands of dollars in one quick fundraiser

Give it a try this school year: capture your team’s best moments AND raise money at the same time. It can only be a win!

Contact Robert at Sporfie For More Info:

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