New Feature – Upcoming Swim Reminders: Never Miss a Swim Again

Swim Reminder on SwimTopia Mobile

SwimTopia’s mobile app has a helpful new feature that sends push notifications to your phone when your favorite swimmers are about to swim in a meet being run using Meet Maestro. Now you have no excuse, you should never miss a swim again! Whether you’re on a team that uses SwimTopia for team management or you’re a “Guest” in the SwimTopia mobile app, you can upgrade to a Pro subscription* for upcoming swim reminders and live results notifications for any swimmer you “favorite,” on any team.

How Does SwimTopia Mobile Know Your Swimmer is About to Swim?

After a meet is seeded, Meet Maestro estimates the start time for each heat and event. These estimated start times can be shown on the Heat Sheet and Session reports in Meet Maestro.

However, swim meets can sometimes be chaotic, and a variety of factors like false starts, rain delays, or eliminated heats can lead to deviationsUpdating Estimated Start Times from the original meet timeline. With this latest update, Meet Maestro and SwimTopia’s mobile app have you covered. 

When the Live Event/Heat bar is used with Meet Maestro, the meet timeline is now kept up-to-date in the app, automatically. Live Event/Heat bar updates record the actual start time of each heat. Those updates are used to keep estimated start times accurate and to ensure upcoming swim reminders are delivered on time.

Pro subscribers can select as many swimmers to “favorite” as they want, from any participating team, on the Favorites tab of the app. If your team uses SwimTopia for team management, when you’re logged in to your mobile app, your own swimmers will automatically be favorited. Our app sends reminders out a few minutes before your favorite swimmers are due to swim. 

At SwimTopia, we understand that swim meets often don’t run on schedule. For that reason we highly recommend using the Live Event/Heat Bar during your Meet Maestro swim meets to ensure the most accurate information for app users receiving reminder notifications.

More About The Live Event/Heat Bar—The Best Way to Stay Up-to-Date

SwimTopia’s mobile app offers a Live Event/Heat Bar that teams can update during any meet to let app users know exactly what’s happening in the pool (whether or not your team is using Meet Maestro). The Live Bar is a free feature for any SwimTopia app user and it appears when teams assign a volunteer to update the mobile app each time the starter moves on to the next race. If the meet is being run with Meet Maestro and is using the Colorado Time Systems Dolphin Wireless stopwatches with version 5 (or later) of the Dolphin software, there is a simple setting that publishes the current event and heat to the app automatically—no need for a volunteer! 

In these times of social distancing, when fewer people can be on deck, the Live Event/Heat Bar is a great way for supporters and fans to keep up with how the meet is progressing from afar. If the meet is being run in Meet Maestro, upgrading to a Pro subscription on the SwimTopia mobile app lets people follow all the action, with results notifications, and full results and scores updated in real time.

* When the meet is run with Meet Maestro, Pro features include heat sheets, all meet results, scores, upcoming swim reminders and results notifications. See the app store for more information on the price of a Pro subscription and to learn more about the features available.